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As price of petrol and diesel are about to increase in day or two we are struggling to digest this fact that we have to pay more for petrol and diesel once again. However if we see stats it says something else, that we as a consumer are still paying less for petrol and diesels today as government is still paying from there pocket.

Still if price of diesel and petrol are increased then we have to pay more for consumer goods and FMCG price can go up.


Following is the list of Nations paying for Petrol.


1.Turkey: Rs 113.30 per litre

2.Norway (Oslo): Rs 112 per litre

3. United Kingdom: Rs 95.50 per litre

4. Hong Kong: Rs 84.10 per litre

5. Brazil (Sao Paolo): Rs 66 per litre

6. Canada: Rs 57 per litre

7. India: Rs 50.76 per litre

8. Pakistan: Rs 44.80 per litre

9. The United States: Rs 44.25 per litre

10. Russia (Moscow): Rs 42.275 per litre

11. China: Rs 31.30 per litre

12. Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur): Rs 25.40 per litre

13. United Arab Emirates: Rs 15.65 per litre

14. Saudi Arabia (Riyadh): Rs 5 per litre

15. Venezuela (Caracas): Rs 2.12 per litre



* All prices are approximate prices as on 3 June 08




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