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In the present day world, there will be very few people or rather hardly any person who has not as yet ever come across the term stock market. In fact, the term stock market is a term that we get to hear frequently in present day world. The frequent as well as the regular use of the term stock market do not just imply the rising importance of the term stock market but at the same time, it also successfully signifies the impact that this term has on the investment decisions of the investors as well. However, with this rising importance of the stock market the losses incurred by the investors have also increased over the period of time. As such, there has arisen a strong urge in the experts to find the primary reason behind such a phenomenon. However, at present, there are no such developments in this regard and the experts are yet to come out with a definite answer regarding the reason behind such an occurrence. Nevertheless, we can at least pin point some of the blunders that the investors make in the stock market which leads to their ultimate downfall. The primary reason in this respect happens to be the huge number of bad stock market choices that the investors especially the investors who are investing for the first time happens to make in the share market.

Defining the term finance
Finance, in the present day, tremendously influences each and everyone’s lives, so much so, that it can make a servant of a master and the master of a servant. In the present day world, it is already a known fact among all that the term finance has assumed great substance in a very short span of time. The importance gained by the stock market over this span of time has transformed it in to an essential part of our lives and as such the term finance has today become the one of the core or rather the fundamental keyword. Consequently, it has been seen that with this increase in the importance of the term finance, the stock market too has become an integral part of the people in the present day world. Although the term finance sounds very easy and simple but in reality it is not so at all. It is in actuality a much broader and complex concept than you can actually think. There are very few who will be able to assume the impact that the term finance has on our lives today.

Avoiding the misconception
One of the major misconception that people in the present day have about the stock market is that stock market assure you 100 percent profits, which is a completely off the block concept. It is a known fact to all that there are numerous aspects of an online stock market, although there are many people who tend to ignore these aspects due to their conventional attitude, which simply believes that the stock markets stand for profits only. In other words, most of the people have a certain belief that in the stock market, you can only earn profits and the questions of losses or a risk are simply irrelevant. This is however a completely off the beam concept. As such, every person needs to grow out from such misconceptions as these misconceptions will only lead them to losses. There is no business or investments that ensures people 100 percent profits. Similar is the case in terms of the stock markets also. There are no stock markets in the world as well that will ensure you 100 percent profits without any risks or losses involved. Risks are an inherent part of the stock markets around the world and as such, these are inevitable.

The saying, ‘not all that glitters is gold’ is apt for the stock market:
It is essential to study the market before investing in it. Investing in stock market is similar to a gamble. There is no certainty about the market situation as it keeps fluctuating and as such, it is difficult to forecast. No body can correctly predict when the market will be up and when it goes down again. So it is essential that you avoid bad stock market choices.


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