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Trading in the stock market exchanges like BSE and NSE is done through the news of each and every company performance like banking whether it’s a private or public sector it include all the companies which were in the list of a stock market. News can be good or bad and its effect on market is directly proportionate. While investing in the Indian stock market the investors must study the market thoroughly so as to get the clear information where to invest and where not to invest. Sometimes there can be confusion too, don’t fail to judge different companies performance or else this can lead to a great downfall as well as lose all your money, but keep in mind try to learn from mistakes. So here we would have a look at stock market strategies - Focus on the profit margin.

Risk in the market
As of now economy is changing the sensex has gone down from last year which is record after two years but due to different purposes passed 15 days sensex is growing again even though we said that it is growing it is still volatile. But this is the nature of sensex as the market is formed by thousands of bog companies, due to its volatile nobody was surprise by it, but a very much decline made the investors worried. So, it is always the best if you can go for share tips from the market.

Buying and selling shares
In this market different companies sells their shares to the public, and the people buy shares where they finds satisfaction as well as in their trust companies so with the money invest the company perform its task in a manner so as to gain benefit, the investors also invest money so that they can earn some mount of profit from the company. This makes the company runs in this competition world if they don’t perform well that is the company problem so they often laid out some ideas which will perform well or sustain in the market.

Not only sensex, Nifty also indicates the working and functioning of the market, there are so many disturbance or which can change the points of the sensex and nifty, which means that sensex is changeable by not only company performance since it is used as the main indicator of a country economic growth, the decline in the sensex indicate that economy is moving down, point up in the sensex or decrease of points in the sensex indicate that economy is increase, example last week sensex was 15,000 but this week sensex points is 19,000 which shows that economy is growing by 4000 points, as for investors this growing points also affect your investment return which shows that you are gaining in the market. So, the best thing for you to do is to go for stock market consultants who can guide you well .
Investing money in the stock market can be of two types: Long term or short term, since there is no maturity period and also no login period as well as surrender charge, this makes short term also easy, like there might be people who are in need of money after sometime without any percentage cut he can withdraw. Most of the advisor used to advice for the long term, it is quite profitable and have a chance of earning more amount as done in the past. So you have learnt stock market strategies - Focus on the profit margin.


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