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Commodities are used in stock market for trading to make profit. It is something that has demand in a market and is supplied in a manner suitable to the market without a calculative differentiation. The value of a commodity expressed as price is often determined by the market functions taken as a whole. There are physical commodities that are well established in the market and were capable of securing spot as well as derivative markets. Commodities include the basic resources of any market including iron core, oil, silver and other metals.

When the differentiation of market is lost, commoditization takes place. This comes as a result of low supply that occurs when the capital required to make the necessary supply of the item diminishes in the market. As a result of this, certain market items turn out to be commodities. They had a premium margin in the beginning. These items include silicon chips and medicinal items.

Generally in the most basic definition, commodities include the items that had equal quality in and had value in the market. These commodities will be produced in large amount in the market. Different producers come up with different commodities. But the commodities produced by each of the producer are considered as equivalent. Thus the contract defines the quality of each of the commodity rather than an inherent quality.

The market where trading of the commodities are taking place can be highly efficient. The commodity market can sense a change in supply and demand easily. Hence they respond quickly and find a way to establish a price and quantity of supply which is having equilibrium. Investors can establish a commodity price index to attain a passive exposure in the commodity market.

Commodities are divided into different types. This makes the price comparison in different markets easier. If they are divided into types, the trading becomes easier and there is a convenience in researching on the commodity. But people are supposed to know a little about the commodity and the different types to know how things are working in the market. The selection of a commodity for your work will also depend greatly on how well you know about each commodity. The main types of commodities include energy, soft, meat, grains and financial commodities. These different commodity types include a large number of items. The exchanges required to market these commodities also differ. If you know a little about the different commodity types, the understanding level of the trading of each of these types will increase.

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