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As we all know, a stock market is a place where an investor as well as prospective investor can make an investment in the various shares and other securities of the stock market and thus profit out of such investments. For a number of people, in the present day, making an investment in the stock market happens to be their ultimate aim. This is because of the fact, that, they believe that by making an investment in the stock market they can earn themselves huge amount of money in the form of returns or profits on the cash that they have invested in the stock market. In addition, the investors, rather prospective investors, without even making an investment, start building castles on air, as regard to the money that they will earn on making an investment and so on and so forth. However, it is wrong on the part of the investors to dream or to make an investment in the stock market. Instead what is wrong here is the fact that the investors have not taken the pain to find out whether or not what the investors has perceived is true or not. Now take for instance, if a person thinks that he will control the stock market one he should at least know as to who controls the stock market in the present day.

Make a safer investment
Building castles in air is what the investor in the present day end up doing, when the most important thing to do in the present age of cut throat competition is to ensure that a person makes a safe and sound investment. What is necessary for the investors to do here is not to build castles on air but instead gather knowledge about the world of investment and about the share market so that he can at least ensure that he is making a safe investment even though he cannot be sure whether it will turn out to be profitable or not. Nevertheless, it has always been seen that more or less each and every investor tend to give more emphasis on building castles on air instead than making a safe and sound investment. It is very essential, that the investors in the present day give more emphasis in making a safe investment rather than thinking about the profits that the investor can make from such investments. However, what the investors in the present day, do not understand is the fact here that if they today, make an investment carefully, and then tomorrow, the investors will not have to incur losses and will thus be able to enjoy profit on their investments in future. Securing a person’s future without having to incur any, losses in future should be the call for the day; and as such, the investors should certainly not waste their time in counting the chicken, before they even hatch.

Do not make any mistakes
Many a times, it has been seen that an investor is always more concerned about the present instead of caring about his future, which has a more important binding on his life as well as on his success. The future of a person is always more important than the present of the person, as regard to the world of stock investment. One wrong move on the part of the investor, in the world of investment can cost the investor very heavily. So much so that he might have to do away with all the money that he had invested or saved all through his life. In fact, by taking one wrong move, the investor might be putting his entire future at stake and thus there is every possibility of his future to plunge into complete darkness. Thus, each and every investor should right away stop building castles on air and instead start concentrating more on making a safe and profitable investment, which will surely have a better outcome than building castles on air. Making an investment is not easy and as such, each and every investor should realize it for a fact and start working on their investments, so as to avoid incurring losses. thus, the investor should stop enquiring who controls the stock market because no one can control the stock market.

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