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Convertible bonds:

Convertible bonds are securities that have a life time of around 25 and 30 years. Convertible bonds give the owners of the bonds a right to get the common stock from the issuer of the stock and need not go to the open market to get it directly from there. The bond indenture can explain the terms and conditions to do this exchange. There is an optional feature about this bonds which will permit the bond holder to make a transition between debts and equity. Then the bond holder will be receiving lower yields as compared to the securities of non-convertible bonds.

Convertible bonds are divided into subordinated debt and unsubordinated debt. The convertible bonds falling under subordinated debt is higher in terms of risk than an unsubordinated debt. There are several features that make convertible bonds different from a normal bond. This includes their special features and structure. They have a conversion price. This price is paid on a share basis to get the common stock from the issuer. The conversion ratios is used to measure the ratio of the number of shares received by the bond holder expressed in terms of the bonds he exchanged. The Par value of convertible security divided by Conversion value will give the conversion ratio. Conversion parity will occur when a profit or loss is made during conversion. Conversion premium is another aspect that makes convertible bond special from normal bond. This differentiates the price in conversion and a normal price in market.

Issuers are highly benefited from the convertible bonds. They can save 2% as an average rate when they issue convertible bonds to their bond holders. This will be highly useful for a firm in its initial phase. Issuers can avoid the status of a dilution of shares when they issue convertible bonds. This will permit them to issue higher rate of stocks for the shareholders. Those companies which have low revenues in their pocket will be highly benefited with this.

The most added advantage of convertible bonds is that they can easily offer investors yields without any risk. With this lower yield, they can get the benefits of a higher stock price. The premium of a convertible bond will be equal to the stock value. If the conversion happens in a short period of time, the stock price will increase greatly and at this time, convertible loans will prove to be a little disadvantageous. At these particular cases, bond holders will not convert it as expected by the issuer.  

Convertible/equity related loans:

There are different types of loans available today. The loans are differentiated on narrow margins. Yet there are quite large differences between the loans available in the financial market. Each of the loans is created by the lenders in a way to attract users. So they will be offering flexibilities in the loans. The loans are granted to make people comfortable with their loan as different from other loans. All these made a situation where the people can’t take a decision.

At this juncture, there introduced the convertible/equity related loans. This loan as the name indicates can be converted to any other loans easily. The most common example of a convertible loan is an adjustable loan. This mortgage can be converted to a fixed rate loan. If you meet with a situation where you cannot be certain about whether you will be able to repay your loan, you can convert this to a fixed loan. Suppose a woman can’t work long as she took a break for delivery, she won’t be able to get a fixed income during this period. Then this can be used to know the repayment money until she is back to work again. This will find high use when the interest rates can vary greatly in the economy.

This can be operated in the reverse manner also. That means a fixed rate loan can be easily converted to an adjustable loan. That means you will be paying lower premiums in the initial stages. Then once you realize that you have enough in your pocket, you can make higher repayments. This will create a higher bonus.

There are low interest rate loans, balloon loans and long term loans available for people. Each of these loans has their own advantages and disadvantages. It will be difficult for users to stick to a particular interest rate in special situations. They might not be able to pay back the loan at certain point of time. Or they can wish to increase the interest rate of the loans. All this is possible only if they are capable of converting the loans. If they are doing so, they can get a loan that is convenient to their payment policies.

You have to go for research before selecting a loan for you. This can help you as the situations that make a person apply loan is different. The interest rate that one can bear to pay will not be the same as another person. So blindly following a loan can put them in trouble. Hence a convertible/equity related loan will be helpful any way as the users can later switch the loans according to  their convenience.


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