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Corruption is a global phenomenon; it is omnipresent. In India corruption is a major problem and one of the key deterrents of development. Corruption in India has been present in India right from the Independence days. Typically, corruption on India is closely associated with the money laundering and bribery, which means utilizing the money for some illegal activities. Corruption has become an integral part of the Indian society; it has become so common that it has almost become impossible to identify the corrupt activities.

In the recent few years, the corruption in India has gained mammoth proportions and the recent scam stories aptly underpin the fact. According to the Corruption Perception Index Report of 2009 released by Transparency International, India ranked 84th among the 180 corruption affected countries. Corruption has several negative effects, it is therefore vital to have a corruption free environment. The reason why India should become corruption free is discussed below:

  • A large number of Indians, especially the people living in rural places suffer innumerable hardships and they are denied basic living amenities such as pure drinking water, drainage facilities and education. Although the Indian Public services has succumbed under the strain of the inefficient and corrupt bureaucratic set up. According to studies over 40% of the funds allotted by the government for the development of the rural places does not reach the people. A complete end to the corruption is the only way these people can lead a better life.


  • India has been facing the problems of unemployment and underemployment since long. The problems of unemployment are more prevalent in urban areas. While several people are finding it difficult to find job opportunities in the field of their choice, some other become victims of unemployment due to corrupt practices of the employers. This includes recruiting the candidates by taking bribe or donation. Also, in several companies, especially public sectors, the recruitment is based on caste of the person rather than based on merit. Owing to such corrupt a lot of deserving youngsters are denied work opportunities.


  • Owing to the corruption, one of the most adverse problems faced by India’s economy is the alarming growth of regional differences among Indian states, the drastic declining of per capita income, disparity in socio economic development, poverty and lack of good infrastructure facilities. The economic disparity is clearly reflected by the fact that nearly 40 to 50 percent people living in Orissa and other states live below the poverty line. While the rich are growing richer, the poor are becoming increasingly poor.


  • Corruption has a severe negative impact on the economy of the country. Besides, it maligns the image of the nation in the international world. The best example is the recent Commonwealth Games scam. The event is a global phenomenon and owing to the presence of International ambassadors and media, the event bought a disgrace to India. Only a corruption free state can prevent the nation from disgrace. 


  • The corruption is so deeply rooted in India that it has not spared even the justice system of the country. Corrupt leaders and bureaucrats are spared from strict punishment for all their criminal activities. The criminals easily get away by paying large sums of bribes to the judicial authorities. The people too are tolerant of such activities, they fear raising their voice against such anti-social elements. A corruption Free State will surely lead to more development and justice will prevail.


  • Due to the large scale corruption prevailing in almost all the sectors, among all the developing countries India has the largest budget deficits. Reduction in corruption will increase the scope for investment in public services like education and health facilities.


  • Although India has huge amounts of foreign currency reserve, the current account deficit has deteriorated significantly in the past few years due to corruption. Anti corruption measure could prevent balance of payment deterioration


  • Tax evasions by politicians, business person are one of the most common forms of corruption in India. The tax evasions spell large amount of losses for the Indian exchequer. Strict financial laws will ensure that the tax is paid promptly and the amount can be used for better Infrastructure development.


  • A large scale awakening by masses for a anti corruption state will lead to safer and healthy community.


  • Without corruption India will experience tremendous progress in diverse fields and be a force to reckon with in the International arena.


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