SHARETIPSINFO >> Day Traders or Intraday Traders in stock market , Risk and Profit involved in doing day trading.

Recent and ongoing Bull Run in the Indian stock market has tempted many people who have left there hectic jobs to join this recent rally in the stock market. They are willing to make there fortunes by themselves by working in stock market either by investing or by doing day trading, also know as intraday trading.

Practice of buying and selling shares or stock within the same trading day such that all positions are cut before the closing of the market is known as Day Trading. People who engage themselves in day trade are called Day Traders.

Few years back doing day trading was not an easy job, due to lack of infrastructure, technology and knowledge about internet. But with the passage of time we have overcame these issues and more and more persons are doing intraday trading which was previously done by only investment firms, banks and fund managers.


As day trading is buying and selling of stocks and booking profit and losses on the same day , So trader should keep eye on every movement of stock indexes minute after  minute though it is hectic still traders find it exciting and enjoy it.

Day trading needs luck but it’s not about luck only. It requires hardcore analysis of the stocks. For day traders they can stick and can trust technical analysis as hardcore analysis mode but investors need to take into account fundamentals of the company also.


Risk and Profit involved in Day Trading.

Day trading is a risky job if you enter into market and place order without any research. One can make or loose money in a day. It’s true there are some day traders who are millionaire just by doing day trading and there are traders who have ruined there whole wealth in the same.
Day trading can become very risky if one has poor discipline , money and risk management. Its true day traders use lot of margin money which is offered to them by there brokers and this is the root cause of unbearable losses which if they make.

“ Remember there is absolutely nothing which can hold you back.”

Nevertheless, you should have realistic expectations from day trading. A day trader should be absolutely clear about the amount of work, discipline, his risk appetite research, knowledge and sheer luck that is required to be Successful.




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