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Each person comes to the stocks market with unique investment objective. Some want to get a regular income from their investment and some people want their investment to grow over a period of time. If you want to double your investment within a reasonable period of time, that is surely possible at the stocks exchange – all you need is diligently taken investment decisions coupled with patience. You can not afford to be restless and take investment decisions causally especially when you are looking forward to grow the bottom line of your portfolio. Here we are providing some really effective and practical tips that will help you to double your stock market investment.

Diversify your portfolio – Irrespective of your investment objectives at the stock exchange, you should always have stocks from different sectors and of different companies in your portfolio. Investing all your money in a specific sector or a few companies is not a wise thing to do. A diverse portfolio will ensure if a certain company or a sector collapses at the stock market, even then you will have other options to make up for the loss. By dividing the portfolio in different segments you are simply reducing the risk of stock investment. It will let you recover the losses of one stock from other option that you will have if you invest in different categories of stocks and in various sectors. But before you actually select the sectors for investment you have to do the research to see the possibilities of making profit as you can not simply put your money at different companies just for the sake of diversifying your investment.

Choose different trading methods – Besides investing in different stocks you should also adopt different methods of trading at the stock market including long term trading, short term trading, derivative trading, trading in penny stocks and so on. These are different methods of trading and all these types have their own benefits and risk factors. You should carefully distribute some of your funds for long term investment, keep some of the money for daily trading and if you are really desperate and ready to take the extra risk you can do derivative trading as well. For long term investment you can select some blue chip large cap companies and for daily trading you need to primarily depend on your analytical skills. Remember the long term investments are made for increasing the value of your portfolio over a period of time the short time investments and daily trading can give you good return that will eventually help you to increase your portfolio. Derivative trading though have more risk associated with it you can get huge return if your do your calculations right.

Have patience – When you are into stock market investment you have to be careful with choosing the stocks. There is a common myth that you have to do maximum trading if you want to make huge profits. But in reality if you want to make good profit at the stock market you have to give more stress towards making quality trades instead of doing more number of trades at the market. The key for getting more return from the stock market is to do more trade that give you profit. Do your research well to choose the stocks and find out the right entry points. Once you made the decisions do not get panicked by the rumors in the market. Remember if sell out the stocks in a hurry you can never get the best returns. So if you have invested in stocks that have given you good return do not sell them all at once. Rather you should sell them in portions to wait and watch if you can get some more.

All said and done you must always remember that to get maximum return you have to invest to your maximum potential. The more you invest, the more will be your return. When your objective is to double your investment, you have to turn over your profit to make sure that the bottom line of your investment rises over a period of time. You might suffer losses in the process but key for success at the stocks market is to outgrow your losses with the profit and that should be your aim.

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