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Stock market is an important part of the economy of a country. The stock market plays a play a pivotal role in the growth of the industry and commerce of the country that eventually affects the economy of the country to a great extent. That is reason that the government, industry and even the central banks of the country keep a close watch on the happenings of the stock market. The stock market is important from both the industry’s point of view as well as the investor’s point of view.

Whenever a company wants to raise funds for further expansion or settling up a new business venture, they have to either take a loan from a financial organization or they have to issue shares through the stock market. In fact the stock market is the primary source for any company to raise funds for business expansions. If a company wants to raise some capital for the business it can issue shares of the company that is basically part ownership of the company. To issue shares for the investors to invest in the stocks a company needs to get listed to a stocks exchange and through the primary market of the stock exchange they can issue the shares and get the funds for business requirements. There are certain rules and regulations for getting listed at a stock exchange and they need to fulfill some criteria to issue stocks and go public. The stock market is primarily the place where these companies get listed to issue the shares and raise the fund. In case of an already listed public company, they issue more shares to the market for collecting more funds for business expansion. For the companies which are going public for the first time, they need to start with the Initial Public Offering or the IPO. In both the cases these companies have to go through the stock market.

This is the primary function of the stock exchange and thus they play the most important role of supporting the growth of the industry and commerce in the country. That is the reason that a rising stock market is the sign of a developing industrial sector and a growing economy of the country.

Of course this is just the primary function of the stock market and just an half of the role that the stock market plays. The secondary function of the stock market is that the market plays the role of a common platform for the buyers and sellers of these stocks that are listed at the stock market. It is the secondary market of the stock exchange where retail investors and institutional investors buy and sell the stocks. In fact it is these stock market traders who raise the fund for the businesses by investing in the stocks.

For investing in the stocks or to trade in the stock the investors have to go through the brokers of the stock market. Brokers actually execute the buy and sell orders of the investors and settle the deals to keep the stock trading alive. The brokers basically act as a middle man between the buyers and sellers. Once the buyer places a buy order in the stock market the brokers finds a seller of the stock and thus the deal is closed. All these take place at the stock market and it is the demand and supply of the stock of a company that determines the price of the stock of that particular company.

So the stock market is not only providing the much required funds for boosting the business, but also providing a common place for stock trading. It is the stock market that makes the stocks a liquid asset unlike the real estate investment. It is the stock market that makes it possible to sell the stocks at any point of time and get back the investment along with the profit. This makes the stocks much more liquid in nature and thereby attracting investors to invest in the stock market.

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