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The world is changing day by day and together with it the concept of economy is also changing. New theories and concepts are coming into the forefront. Economists are finding and try to bring out new definitions for the term economy itself, as the entire concept is not what it used to be in the earlier days. Back in the earlier years economy was small concept revolving around you small place or area. But now the entire theory and concept of economy has evolved and even enlarged. Economy now, in general refers to the world economy. Nowadays, however with the world changing drastically and at a very fast pace, naturally money is being spent more on fulfilling our wants and desires than on our needs. Luxury is the name of the grave these days, in the present world. Costly and luxurious items like BMW cars, watch and so on are things on which people tend to spend their hard earned money more than often these days. We should also try to find out how foreign exchange market differs from the stock market?

Where to invest?
However, would it not be much better if we spend that money wisely or in other words invest the money that we would have otherwise been wasted on the other unwanted but desired stuff to satisfy esteem needs. So, where do you invest the money? Well, there are various options in the market where our hard earned cash can be invested. An investor can be guaranteed to get high returns on these investments. Shares and stocks and so on are some options where the money can be invested. Of course before investing we should make ourselves aware of all the information related to our choice of investment. Investments can be made in banks, mutual funds and even in a company’s shares and stocks, debentures, bonds and the list go on and on. Of course, for that we need to keep in mind many things like the rate of returns on the securities, find out the aptly functioning banks and companies. We need to find out in which instruments to invest in, as there are a lot of investment opportunities in the market.

Before investing in a company we must always try to find out all the things about the company.
A business firm can never survive without profits. Of course, it is a well-known fact that a business would have to suffer losses in the first few years of its inception. But after a while is really a need or requirement, as the reader might want to put it as, the business firm to deliver profits. In fact, profits earned during a particular period of time are usually taken as the basic yardstick for the grading of a business firm or company. It is the profits earned during a period of time like a quarter or a year that determines the future courses of action for a business firm.


Think before you invest
A person should think about investing in a company only after being sure of the profits or losses that the company is earning or suffering. A person should never invest in a company suffering losses. He can also compare the company’s profits with that of the other companies. Comparison with the foreign market is also a very good thing to do .He should at least know how foreign exchange market differs from the stock market? The information related to the stocks on investors wants to invest in can be collected from the newspapers, news channels and even from agents and brokers. News channels always run news on which company’s share values have fallen and whose have gone up. This is vital information as if the investors invest in the company whose share value has gone down than chances are that he will suffer losses from such an investment. The investors should be alert and know when to buy and sell stocks so as to get maximum returns. Stock market is a very good option to make our investments in. if a person is the high income earning group then investing in the stock market may prove to be a very profitable venture as the risk taking capability of a high income earning person is much more than others. Hence we should always think twice before investing in the stock market


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