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Why Prices Fall when I buy? - Beginners Guide to Stock Markets

Are you interested in investing your money in buying stocks and shares? Then you should know how to invest in the stock market. Many times you might have questioned yourself as to why prices fall when I buy? Isn’t it? So, you should remember that you need to have a good knowledge when and how to invest in the stock market. So, let us have a look at a beginners guide to Indian stock market.

Basic skills
In order to invest in the stock market, you must acquire some basic skills so that you start getting good returns from the stock market. You should be successful in order to get the maximum profits. You should be very patient in order to invest in the market. It is very important that you get a professional broker who will teach you the basic art of trading. You can also get some share tips from your broker.

About BSE and NSE
You should also know the different concepts of the stock market like BSE, NSE, NASDAQ…etc. BSE, which is known as Bombay Stock Exchange, is the oldest one in India, whish was started in 1875. There were only 318 persons who took membership in Native Share and Stock Brokers Association. When it comes to popularity, NSE (National Stock Exchange) comes second to BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange.)

You can never predict the market
In a stock market, one cannot predict what would be the market situation tomorrow. This is the main reason why stock market was provided with a tag, “volatile market.” There were some important reasons why there was a fall in the share market. One of the reasons was the result of a cricket match which was played between India and Pakistan. In order to invest in a stock market, you need to fill out a form and submit it along with a cheque. Here the borrower needs to abide by the agreement written on the form. The customer would be issued with a contract note by the stock broking firm.

So, in the first few months you might wonder why prices fall when I buy? But in the course of time you would become experienced and you will see that you have actually gained in the market.


Tips for Successful Investment

Investors have the ultimate aim of making profits by investing in the stock market. But there are some investors who do not have any idea about the market trends and they keep on investing in the market without any research. It is very important that you some tips for successful investment. If you do not wish to end up losing your hard earned money, then you should know how to make profit in the market by investing in it. So let us get some tips on how to make profit in the stock market.

Tips and tricks
You should know that there are many tips and tricks in order to make profit in the Indian stock market. The first and foremost tip for you is to buy stocks at a much lower price and then selling it at a higher price. You should know when and where to invest in the stocks. Proper timing is very important.  In order to know the market secrets, you can always read magazines or also watch business news so that you can keep abreast about the present market scenario.  You should make your decision final if you wish to buy or sell your stocks. Remember that it is your money and you have to decide how you are going to invest your cash. Never make the mistake of being in a haste to invest in the market.  Have some patience as patience counts always. If you are sure that you would get good benefits by investing in the company, then you can go for it. But you should be prepared to take some risks whenever you invest in stocks.

Go for a good broker
You should make a good search of a broker who can guide you and show you the way how to invest. You can also get some share tips from your professional broker. Always go for stocks that have higher customer satisfaction.

So, in order to know the tips for successful investment, you should browse the internet and look for more information and try to research on the market so that you can keep yourself updated.



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