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Forex and stock market are the two types of a financial investment. Forex trades with the currency of a country with different country in order to earn a profit, while the stock market deals with the selling and buying of the company shares. So, whatever the types of investment they deal in, the main objectives of the investors is to earn profit as much as they can. So in order to earn maximum profit in the share market it is always important to know the importance of timing in forex and stock market.

Economy influencing the currency rate
When we are trading in the forex market we are always choosing for the data of the economy which can greatly influence the currency rate, but while trading in case of stock market we are looking for the best and the good company. This is because the amount invested by the investor was used by the company for their better performance in the market so that they will earn profit; we never look for the company which is in a bad condition because their performance is much affective for the investors. If they do not perform well in the market that means the investors will not get a good return, the profit earn by the company will again be divided with the investors, this is why the investors were very choosy in choosing the company where to invest.

Forex investment
In case of Forex investment, the investors can get their profit faster, since it is a financial market globally. Transaction is very easy and even made by cash so people were switching to Forex market. Good software is also very useful it can be used to predict the future currency movement which is very much effective for the investors and also gives the idea or the time to purchase and sells which in turn will help the investors to earn maximum profit. In a stock market the investors profit are known at a very slow rate and even the transferring the cash also a bit long process compared to forex, and it is always good to invest in the company where their investment or the company performance moving in the upward direction not in the downward direction. You should know the functions of NSE, BSE, NASDAQ…etc

Similarity of forex and stock market
Forex and stock market also has some similarities. Somehow we can say the process is easy as it is a technique of buying and selling in a very low rate or high rate. This low rate and high rate is the main determination of the profit. While trading in these two investments the investors has two options that are to trade very risky and even profit can also be high but a greater chance of loss or to perform normal. Here risk is less and profit is also less and also chance of losing is less. As for investor who doesn’t have any experience it is advisable to invest at a normal rate, or else greediness can tear all their money. Forex advantages is that trading can be done for 24 hours while in case of stock market trading is done only 5 hours and 30 minutes i.e. from 09:55 a.m to 3:30 p.m from Monday to Friday and Forex trading is done for 365 days in a year while in case of stock market every Sunday is a holiday. You should always take the help of stock market consultant if you wish to succeed in the stock market.

The profit in a Forex market depends on how the investors look upon it. The long time investment makes it easier for the investors to have a maximum profit, but this cannot be true always. It is always impossible to look through the market for this long time, in the meantime it is important to know the currency rate of different countries at a time in order to have a good trading decision. In order to trade well in the Forex, software is very useful and serves a good purpose while in case of stock market it is good to know the company projects and their performance as well. So, you have understood the importance of timing in forex and stock market.


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