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There is no denying of the fact that in order to make a proper, if not accurate investment decision you need to have years of experience in the investment field. Nevertheless, the experience alone is not sufficient. The years of experience has to be supported by the appropriate and adequate as well as expertise knowledge in the investment field as well. There is no doubt in the fact that both experience and expertise knowledge are the two pillars of the stock market, based on which you can earn profits in the stock market. Although experience and adequate knowledge is important as well as essential, requirements while investing but these are not the only requirements needed. The main requirement while investing is to understand and to make a detailed analysis of the market as a whole. The market that we are referring to here is the stock market. Generally, all investment decisions are more or less based on the stock markets as it is the oldest and probably one of the most widely used investment option. As such, people have more faith in the stock market than in the other investment options. However, many a times while interacting with the investors, we are encountered by the question, “is stock market a gamble?”

Everyone wants to earn money, maximize profit but with zero knowledge
If you ask any body as to why they have choose to invest their money instead of saving, what do you get as an answer? Alternatively, if you ask people as to why they are so willing to invest their money what do they reply? Probably every time you asked some one the above questions, you must have got the usual answer, that is, in other words, “in order to earn profit”. But if you ask them as to how, probably all that you will get as an answer is a silence followed by “by investing in the online stock market”. In the present day, this negligence on the part of the investors happens to be the core problem. Everyone wants to earn money, maximize profit but with zero knowledge, which is in no way possible. You will find very few people and probably the ones who are the most successful in the investment field, who can provide an answer to both the questions you asked. In fact, it would not be entirely wrong to consider the lack of knowledge as the prime reason for the wrongful investment decisions.

Let the market experts do their work:
It would be wrong on our part, if we say that the stock market is not a gamble; but we will also be wrong if we say it is a gamble. The answer to the question mentioned above is still being debated by the market experts. Some experts believe that the market is a gamble, while some others oppose this view. As such we do not have any answers. As such, it will be better if we take a look at both the sides of a coin. If we see at the brighter side of the stock market, it can be viewed as an investment vehicle that helps the mobilization of the people’s savings and at the same time gives them a chance to earn returns on their investments. As such, market as a gamble can never be accepted. However, if you look at the darker side of things, people generally invest in the share market with the view to earn profits only. As such, the more profits they earn the more they invest and this goes on and on until the investor losses all the money he invested. As such, in this regard market is a gamble. It seems like the debate over this topic would never end. As such, we will let the market experts do their work and thus let them decide whether the stock market is a gamble or not. Until then we will keep looking at both the sides of the coin. Thus, the question is stock market a gamble” remains unanswered till date.

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