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As a stock market investor or trader you should always remember that not every trade that you do will give you profit. There will be losses as well as profit. No one can make profit from every investment that they make at the stock market. The key for success at the stock market therefore is to make more profit than the losses that you suffer at the stock market. To make that happen you as a stock market investor have to follow some simple but effective tips. Some very basic things that will reduce your loss and increase the chance of making profitable stock market investment. So here we are telling about three most important things that you should always remember as a stock trader.

Have a strategy for investment – Well before you enter the stock market and invest in the stocks, you should frame a strategy for investment. Your strategy for stock market investment should be based on your objective and your fund and your ability to take risk at the stock market. By objective, we mean to say that you should have a clear idea of what you exactly want from your stock investments as that will primarily decide what is the most suitable way of trading for you? And what are the types of stocks that you should look for while making stock market investments. If you are looking for a regular income from the stock market and have the capacity to take some risks then day trading should be your preference and you should target stocks that show regular movement within a range. On the other hand if you are thinking of increasing your bottom line of your investment and ready to wait for a long time, then you should target large cap and blue chip stocks and delivery based long term trading should be ideal for you. Whatever is your preference, you should frame a strategy based on that and most importantly stock to that strategy when you are investing in the stock market and that is first step you have to take to increase your profit.

Choose the right stocks for investment – Choosing the right stocks for investing is the next big thing for your success at stock market. For selecting the stocks, fundamental analysis of the companies is the best possible solution you have got. Study the annual and quarterly reports of the companies that you are targeting for investment and then choose one that has got the maximum potential for appreciating in the future. Always choose a company that has got history of making consistent profit, has got low debt at the market, have a steady management and have a high asset value.

Choose the right time for making the investment – But choosing the best stocks for investment is not the last thing that will ensure your profit at the stock market. Even a very good stock is not worthy of investment if the best time for investment have gone past. So you have to be careful about determining the right time for investing in the selected stocks as well. It is this point where technical analysis comes into play. Technical analysis of the stocks are done on the basis of the price of the stocks and the volume of trading and some other aspects that will give you fair idea of the movement of the stock. Hence it will help you predict the future price movement and determine profitable price range for investing in that particular stock.

These steps might sound to your very simple, but it needs thorough knowledge of the stock market and the in depth understanding of stocks market trading and stock analysis to effectively follow these rules. So stop blindly following the tips and that you might get from various resources and try to learn the basic principles of stock trading and stock market analysis. That will be of great help for you for selecting the stocks and making profitable investments at the stock market. Apart from the knowledge you need to follow the stock market movement everyday and have a method to analyze the happenings. That will help you to predict the future of the stocks which is the most important aspect of stock trading. Lastly, you should never pay attention to the rumors and panic, rather you should stay patient and have faith in your analytical abilities as that will give you great profit in the long run.



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