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Want to excel in stock market? Here are some tips to help you in being a good intraday trader and Delivery Investor.

Start with a realistic goal in mind.

First you have to make a decision whether you want to become a trader or seek and employment. Always keep a realistic goal in your mind about what you want to achieve from Indian stock market.

Never make the mistake of believing that you have become the master.

No body is perfect in stock market. Learning never ends here. One should not feel he/she is the king if they make money in 5-6 trades without any loss. One should keep himself open for new learning and appoint consultants for himself. As professionals can help you best.

Draw up a trading plan.

Prepare a trading plan, back test it with historical data and then stick to it. Don’t keep fine tuning the plan i.e never change plan stick to it.

Start with the smallest amount of capital that you can effectively trade with.
Initially start with a small amount and cautiously enter the stock market. You should concentrate on achieving the best possible returns over a 3 month period.

Make a commitment

Don’t get overexcited after a few wins in stock market and start increasing your capital, that is a sure sign that you are not in control, the market is controlling you which mean you are on the path of getting trapped in the stock market.
Sharetipsinfo suggests you to monitor your performance of winning or losing on a weekly basis, Do review each trade and assess your performance.

Take a break

No matter you are making or losing money in stock market. You should take a break after fix intervals lets say after 4 months, pause for a 3-4 days. Again review your performance and identify any gaps in your knowledge that needs additional works.


If you know there is a problem in your trading plan, don’t hesitate to consult a mentor. Find an experienced and performance oriented professional company who are providing tips to there clients. Take advantage of there research and knowledge.

Long term strategy

After 12 month again review your performance and decide whether you are ready to commit more capital to the stock market or not. But we assure you with professional help and your own knowledge you will surely be a winner in Indian or any stock market.


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