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Market trend is a matter of great concern for all the stock market investors. The overall trend of the market sets the mood for trading at a stock exchange. If the buyer confidence is strong and the market is on a bullish trend, even the relatively weaker stock also show some upward movement, while on a bearish market, the strong stocks also fall at the exchange. The trend of the market is even more important in the intraday trading.

In case of the intraday trading the market trend is a crucial factor as trading time in this case is limited to that very day. While in delivery based trading you can overcome the market trend by holding the share and letting the phase pass by, in intraday trading you do not have this chance. Therefore, while doing intraday trading, it is very much important that you keep a watch on the market trend.

The intraday trend is mainly influenced by the closing price of the previous day, volume of trading and of course by the average daily price range. The daily price range is the difference between the highest and lowest price of the day. It is important to have an average of last 20 days day’s range and then comparing it with the price of the stock before making any decision. These are the basics that set the intraday trend.

When speaking about the intraday trend, there are so many other factors that influence the intraday trend other than the factor that set the overall market trend. Especially certain news from the political and economic front and even from foreign countries sometime massively influence the intraday trend. For example the news of rise in the oil price in the international market can hugely influence the intraday trend of the market all over the world. In case of unforeseen events the intraday trend can be hugely influenced.



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