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Types of Investment

When it comes to investment types, broadly there are four types of investment. They are short term deposits, bonds, property and shares. Different investments suit different kinds of risk. So let us have a look at the different investment types.

Short Term Deposits
Savings account is the simplest kind of short term investment.  But compared to other investments or stock market, returns are much low but you are guaranteed of your returns by the bank. You can withdraw all or part of your money whenever you wish.  So, this type of investment cannot be considered to be a good investment option for medium or long term loans.

Suppose you can give the bank a lump sum amount for a fixed period. The period might be for three, six or twelve months. The bank will lock your money for the fixed term where you won’t be able to withdraw any amount of your money. Even if you are able to withdraw your money, the bank will charge hefty interests on your money. So, it is advisable not to withdraw your money till the fixed period. There are some people who go for day trading as well.

Government or company issues bonds. This means that you give them money for a fixed or certain period where you are promised to pay a certain rate of interest by the company and you get repay on maturity. Like short term deposits, bonds lock your money for a fixed period of time but they can sometimes be traded. If you are thinking for a good short term investment, then bonds are not an ideal one for you.

Property is another type of investments and it has a strong emotional element. You should make sure that you separate your emotional ties to your home apart from your investment objectives. If you are able to manage your property well, then it can provide good long term results.

If you go for investment in shares without the right knowledge, then you might have to incur heavy losses. The price of shares varies from day to day. It might go up today and might lose its price the other day. In case you are willing to invest in shares, then do not forget to get some share tips from an experienced person so that you always remain on the safer side. So hope you have come to understand about the types of investment.

Small Cap Stock Investing

So you wish to invest in the stock market? You need to make a very good and clear decision when to invest and how much to invest. There are many people who do not know to how to go for small cap stock investing in the market. Everybody wishes to make huge profits but most of them make the mistake of investing in the wrong stocks. They think that there is a lot of risk associated with this type of investment. So let us have a look to this type of investment. 

When you think of investing in small caps, you can get good benefits. In fact there are some benefits which cannot be touched by large cap investors. One of the advantages is that small cap stocks are not included in mutual funds. So they least attract large institutional investment companies. They also have a very little coverage. Now you might be wondering what is the benefit of not showing interest by large institutional companies, right? Well here is the answer. It is because when the institutional investment companies do not show any interest then there is a good advantage to buy the stock before they grow. But you should always remember to buy stocks of promising companies.
Now coming to the next advantage of small cap investment, they have a unmatched growth potential. So the growth of this company is very stable though it might be slow. It is very important that you have a good idea when and where to invest in the market. You should get some Indian stock market tips so that you can know everything about the stock market. Without knowing the exact concept of the working of the stock market, it would not be possible to get good returns from the market.

Take the risk, get the reward
Small cap investing is always considered to be the best in getting good profits in the stock market. They are said to be good investment as they grow. So you should be able to face the risk otherwise you would not be able to prosper in life. This does not suit just in the case of investments but is applicable in life as well.

Do you really think that small caps would help you to make good profits in the stock market? Yes, it is true that they are labeled as a good investment because they grow but have you come across the saying, “the greater the risk the greater the reward.”  The most important thing that you need to do is to choose your stocks carefully and you should always make sure that you are not letting your money go waste. You should be able to calculate market capitalization as well. You should also know how BSE, NSE, NASDAQ works in the stock market.

Now there are some investors who do not prefer to go for day trading. They think that this type of investments requires a lot of risks and it would be a risk to their hard earned money. So what you need to do is to go for a stock market counselor who would help you to invest in the right type of stocks. They can give you share tips where you can be sure that you are investing in the right type of stocks. You would not have to burn a hole in your pocket to buy the stocks. Being in this field for several years, the stock market counselor would help you to show you the right direction. They know which stocks would help you in yielding more profit. They would also help you in finding the stocks that fits your budget. So choose the right one for you.

Go for small cap stock investing and also do not forget to make a thorough research of the stock market. If you fail to make a good research then you should be ready to lose all your money. So it all depends on you and your effort in making the research to grow your money in the stock market. Remember it is your money and you need to make your own destiny by choosing the best stocks for you.




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