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A good planning and strategy is always important to accomplish any kind of work perfectly. This is true in the case of stock investments too. You should follow some basic investment strategies in order to manage your funds accordingly. So let us have a look at the different investment strategies in the stock market.

Factors Of Investment Strategies

Basically there are four main factors on which your investment strategies depend. They are:

  1. Objective: It is the amount of funds which you are investing that will determine your goal.
  2. Time Period: In order to achieve your financial goal, you should frame a particular time period
  3. Return: It means how much return you are expecting within a certain timeframe.
  4. Subtle Risks: It means how much risk you can take in order to achieve your objective or target.


Investing in an Indian stock market is an excellent way to gain profit from the growing economy. Here you won’t get affected by the inflation rate. If you keep in mind the above four points in your mind, you can be sure of your profits as far as your investment and returns are concerned. There are stock traders who have got experienced in the stock market and they invest after knowing everything about the volatile nature of the market and earning huge profits from their investment they make.

If you are a novice investor and you do not have much idea about the market then you need not panic. You can get much information on the Internet about how and when to invest in stocks, how to start an online investment, about the different trading options related to stock trading and so on. All these information are available on the Internet where you can also get share tips of the market. The biggest advantage of investing online is that everything becomes accessible online, right from buying to selling of stocks to the stockbrokers. There are online brokers who guide you about the market scenario, they also advice you and keeps you updated with the market trends and also the basic investment strategies.


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