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India is a huge country where democracy holds the key to every functioning of the individual. This is the primary alternative of all things but at the same time of being the largest democracy it is as reputed as the most corrupt of all existing economies. The prime reason behind all these is being the absence of a strong regulating committee. With this option in view the existence or the introduction of the lokpal” came into being. The lokpal as it is named will be a group of individuals that will help deter the various root causes of various activities. The Jan Lokpal Bill, is a step towards making India a corruption free country.

The Anti-corruption unit of the civil society social activists proposed it to be a   more effective improvement to that will give the people of India a upper hand in the corrupt functioning of the government at large. It is believed that the Jan Lokpal Bill will protect the people of the country. If this bill be passed and made a law, the bill could help us create an independent body of lawmakers who will not only have registered powers in their hands but at the same time can independently investigate the complaints of corruption against any body be it the politicians or the bureaucrats without the permission of the government they are functioning for. Let us have a look at all about Lokpal Bill.

The civilised society with its leader  social activist Anna Hazare leading from the front, wanted to have a strong lokpal that will help the people of this democratic country to  put a check on the working of the leaders and the government machinery as such. With this aim in view the came up with a proposed bill to help fulfil as such matters which includes some as

  • They want the government to establish an anti corruption institution called the lokpal at the centre which will be supported by the lokayukt at the state level.
  • The functioning of the court and the cabinet should be made independent of the rule of the government.
  • The cases dealt at the state level by the appointed lokayukts be made public si that the people should know about it.
  • The investigation of the cases should be completed within one year of registration and no pending cases be entertained
  •  In the government offices it should be made compulsory that the work should be completed within the prescribed time period or else the concerned office will come under the jurisdiction of the lokpal and will have to pay financial penalties .
  • All the anti corruption agencies as the CBI, or the crime unit should be merged with the lokpal and should be work as independent body not as a functionary of the government and thus will independently investigate the matters at hand.

But these points of the civil society are not easily accepted by the government and differences as regards to the area of jurisdiction came into being with regards to the lokpal. The government of India came up with a new draft of the lokpal bill which included some of the features issued by the civil society have omitted the major areas where the actual functioning the lokpal is required. The government draft was not readily accepted by the civil society activist. These activities started their protest against the draft prepared by the government under the banner of India against corruption with Anna Hazare as its leader. However in the due course of time this movement started to gather its own momentum which in turn compelled the government to form a new drafting committee to give a new arena to the Jan Lokpal. The government formed a committee that comprised the people from the civil society as well the government official to draft a new bill that will sustain to the needs of both the groups.  However the committee to reach any conclusion and the bill that is termed as weak by the Anna Hazare group came in which compelled them to go into the agitation process all again.

Within all this it will be interesting to see as to how many people in our democratic country are actually aware of the fact of the lokpal and its importance and whether the people of this country are aware enough to be associated with this movement and bring out its importance. So this was all about Lokpal Bill.

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