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Stock market is one of the most profitable financial institutions. Here all the profit goes to the investors himself .there is no charge as well as partial withdraw charge compare other financial institution like bank, insurances etc. Stock market in India has been practiced right from the 18th century. All the different companies listed under this market enjoy trading and had a tough competition among them. By the word stock market it means two things i.e. Bombay stock Exchange called the Sensex and National Stock Exchange called the Nifty. In this market the company brought out their shares to the public and sells it in the share market. More the number of shares brought by the investors he had a rule or ownership over that particular company. Now the question arises who wants to be a stock market millionaire?

No maturity period
Investing or buying shares in the stock market doesn’t have a maturity period and no rules like one person have to keep at lest 3 years, so much more flexibility is there, the thing is that the investor have to make sure about the sensex points so that his cost price should be lesser than the selling price and that the economy is quite good in order to avoid loss.  Keeping in mind that there is also a chance of loss in the stock market, in the meantime investors should not withdraw themselves fearing that he might loss his money, when we look back to the past as in case of the tragedy face by the stock market, like the Great depression and so on. From that day till today the stock market doesn’t remain at the same position within a short span of time it recover again. And start its normal routine as up and down within a minute too. It is very important that you have good knowledge about swing trading.

Since there is also a chance to loss, so the investor must have a deep knowledge where to invest ,which one will be the best one, even though you might be investing long time back just merely sitting will not give you good profit always try to know how far your money have been invest in the company ,since the company can also be bankrupt it is advice that try to see and study the balance sheet of the company where you invest, for knowing whether the company is earning or gaining from the balance sheet that will give you idea whether to remain invest in the company or selling that company share and buy another share in the other company which you will think will perform well. It is advisable that you learn about the functions of the NSE, BSE, NASDAQ…etc.

Get to know about the company
Don’t think about the loss price of the company per share; don’t think about only having number of share. Just try to know what company will perform well within this decades even though you might have a lesser share like if you bought share for Rs1400 with your Rs 14000 which means that you have only 10 shares but if that company performs well instead company which sells their share as Rs 80 that is more profitable for the investors.

So, in order to earn more things which must always be remember as mention in the above statement is that to have a guts and the willingness to remain in the market even the market drop down considerably. Knowing that long run pays in the end, where a tortoise wins the hare. And each an every upcoming project of the company should be compare this will gives the investor information about the best company who will manage their  money efficiently ad wisely which can give good return .Investors should keep in mind the company earning is equivalent with what they earn from their investment. So, from the balance sheet also the investors can know where to withdraw and where to continue. If you know the exact where to invest within a short span of time no matter your age, your dream will come true. So, the mystery remains who wants to be a stock market millionaire?


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