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When it comes to stock market investment there is sometimes huge difference between being right and making money. By being right we mean to say that you being right at your analysis of the market and your speculation about certain stock. There are at times when you speculate a stock to move in a certain way but that stock might move unexpectedly. This is the point when you can be in a dilemma that whether it is more important to be right at your speculation and stick to that or it is more important to make money at the stock market.

It might seem to you that it is always important to make money at the stock exchange after all you are investing in the stock market to earn money. But if you think more genuinely, you would realize that it is more important to be right in your analysis and speculation of the stock market. This is simply because there may a few instances where the stocks will behave in an unexpected way but in general the stocks move at the stock market as they were expected to move. So if you can speculate the stocks rightly there is more chance that you will make profit.

So the basic of stock market investment is to be right in your speculation. That is to pick up the right stocks for investment and to invest in those stocks at the right time. Hence before you invest in the stock you have to select the stocks by fundamental analysis and then decide the price level by technically analyzing the stock. These are the two basic rules of stock market investment. If you can be perfect in these two methods you can find the winning formula at the stock market.

Instead of spending time thinking on how to be right or make money you should better concentrate on analyzing the market and the stocks. You need to take note of the earnings, debt and business policy of the companies for selecting the stocks for investment. The price movement and trading volume of the stocks should be monitored and analyzed to determine the future price movement pattern of the stock. Once you are done with your analysis and confident about the future of the stock, you should invest in that stock without worrying about making money. This is because if you are right you are sure to earn from your investment.


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