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There are many people who have got the misconception that mutual fund and stock market are the same. So there is a big confusion between the two. So, we will discuss mutual fund vs stock market. But before discussing the two terms, you should know that the risk involved in the Indian stock market is much higher than the risk that is involved in the mutual fund.

What are mutual funds?
Mutual funds are not guaranteed by any government agency. The investor invests in the mutual fund and the money is then invested in stocks, securities, bonds…etc. There are people who invest in the mutual fund rather than stock market as they think that mutual funds are less risky.  There are many mutual funds that are available which can give you good returns in a short span of time. So it is you who need to choose which mutual funds you wish to go for.

Go for good research
When it comes to investment in mutual funds, it is better if you can make a bit research of the fund. You can invest in a mutual fund with a short sum of money. You can also choose how frequent you can make the premium. You can do it monthly or yearly as well. Whatever amount you opt for, you should always choose the amount that is affordable for you. You should never choose a premium that is too high. There are people who do not study the market when they invest their money in the mutual fund. They go by the advice of their ignorant friends and simply invest their money in the funds. At the end of the day, they find themselves bankrupt or less return. You should always check the performance of the mutual fund that you are going to invest your money.

Stock market
When it comes to stock market, it is considered to be very risky as there are many risks involved in the market. This is the main reason why investors need to make a good research of the stock market when it comes to investing their money in order to get good profits. They need to know the functioning of the stock market. They should know how NSE, BSE, NASDAQ…etc functions in the stock market.

It is very necessary that you come in contact with a good broker or a stock market consultant who can show you the right path to making profit in the market. Unless you are updated yourself of the stock market, you cannot make good income out of your investment. So, you need to be very careful as well as well informed when you make your investment in the stock market.  If you are interested in short term investment, then you can always go for day trading. But there are investors who think this type of trading to be very risky. So, if you wish you can go for the advice of a good consultant before going for day trading.  When you are making your decision to invest in the stock market, you should not be impatient. You should also not be in a haste to make your investment decisions.

In this stock market differs from mutual funds. So, you have come to know about mutual fund vs stock market. Do remember to make a good research for both of them so that you get the ultimate profit out of your investment.



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