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NASDAQ is a premier stock exchange situated in New York City, United States. It is owned by The NASDAQ OMX Group. Founded in 1971, the acronym NASDAQ then stood for “National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations”; but this has later been deemed obsolete.  Robert Greifeld is the current CEO of NASDAQ which is at present the largest stock exchange in the U.S. that uses an electronic screen based display. It is also World Number Four in sheer market capitalization. It has 3 Indices: NASDAQ Composite, NASDAQ-100 and NASDAQ Biotechnology Index. It has approximately 3800 listings. It is therefore very important to understand the importance of NASDAQ.

Roles played by NASDAQ in the economy
NASDAQ has a very important role to play in global as well as local economy. In the U.S. alone, it is the single most trusted ground for any company to list its shares on. All major global conglomerates have their stocks listed on NASDAQ. NASDAQ caters to various sectors as follows:

  • Accounting
  • Commodities
  • Corporate Finance
  • Debt/Bonds
  • Economics
  • Energy and Industrials
  • ETFs and Funds
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Services
  • Foreign Markets
  • Foreign Exchange
  • General Market
  • Healthcare & Biotech
  • Insurance
  • News
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Personal Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Retirement
  • Retail
  • Technical Analysis
  • Technology
  • Utilities
  • Wireless & Telecom

NASDAQ has all corporate and company listings
NASDAQ has all corporate and company listings on its web-site as well. It provides a portfolio tracker as well. To make it easier to understand, NASDAQ has a dedicated group of people to provide information and advice to budding as well as established market investors. It also offers personalized (customizable) stock market alerts to subscribers. It provides instant “at-a-click” stock quotes, stock charts, global indices and quotes, along with a superbly accurate Live Quote service.
NASDAQ never sleeps! Its normal trading session starts at 9:30am ET and ends at 4:00pm ET. But it also provides After Hours Quotes (4:00pm to 8:00pm ET), Pre Market Quotes (7:00am to 9:30am ET), After Hours Most Active, Pre Market Most Active etc.
NASDAQ has a dedicated portal for tracking market activity. It has sections on Market Indices, Most Active, Sector Analysis, 52 Week High and Low and total returns. It also tracks unusual volumes. It has a dedicated news service that caters to different channels like Market Headlines, Bond Market News, Economic Calendar, Financial News, Dividend Stock News, Equities, and Learning Markets as well as provides business videos. NASDAQ has a dedicated investment channel wherein it provides services like Broker Comparison, Closed End Funds analysis, ETF analysis, Financial Advisor Center, Forex analysis, Investing Basics, Initial Public Offerings (IPO) analysis, Mutual Funds analysis, NASDAQ OMX Indexes, NASDAQ Newsletter, Investment Options analysis, Stock Trading analysis, Structured Products analysis, Trading Tools and Market Replay analysis. You should know the insights of the working of the stock market if you really wish to make some profitable income in the stock market. This is very helpful to you as well.

Deals in personal finance
NASDAQ also deals in personal finance opportunities like Banking & Loans, Educational Loans, Credit & Debt, Insurance, Insurance, Real Estate, Retirement and Small Business Development. In addition, NASDAQ provides a lucrative career opportunity in itself. It has a huge work force of thousands of employees, stock brokers and the like. It provides employment in sectors like Asset Management, Capital Markets, Commercial Banking, Commodities, Compliance / Legal, Consulting, Corporate, Credit, Debt / Fixed Income, Derivatives, Equities, FX & Money Markets, Global Custody, Government, Graduates & Internships, Hedge Funds, HR & Recruitment, Information Services, Information Technology, Insurance, Investment Banking / M & A, Investment Consulting,  Investor Relations / PR, Operations, Private Banking / Wealth Management, Private Equity / Venture Capital, Quantitative Analytics, Real Estate, Research, Retail Banking, Risk Management , Sales & Marketing, and Trading.

So we can now see the very important roles that NASDAQ has been playing, not only in the economy of the United States, but also in the global economy since 1971. This should help us to understand the importance of NASDAQ.


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