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If you are new to stock market it is quite essential to know what basically a Stock Market is?
A Stock Market is a public place for the trading of organization stock and derivatives at an agreed price. Stock market investment is a calculated decision so that one can get a profit out of it. To get benefit out of stock markets it is necessary to have knowledge about the functioning of stock exchanges. There can be participants who may range from small individual to large hedge fund traders. They can be based anywhere. A market is one of a variety of different systems, institutions, social relations, procedures whereby the persons trade by exchanging goods and services. A market is a place that allows buyers and sellers to exchange things. A market may vary in size, range, geographical range, as well as types of goods and services traded. There are two types of markets. Financial markets and prediction markets.

If you are new to stock market it is mandatory to be crystal clear of each and every aspect of stock options, investments, company, shares, dividend, investments, IPO, Mutual funds, stock trading, Futures and options. It is also important to know what does a share market consist of?

Actually trading stocks is one of the interesting methods of making money because investors do not need a lot of money to start making money, unlike buying property and paying a monthly mortgage. Very minimal time is required to trade. Allows quick liquidation i.e. investors can convert into cash easily, unlike selling a property or a business. Easy to learn the techniques and methods to make profit from the Stock Market.

Share Market started functioning from 1875. Indian share market mainly consists of two stock exchanges:

  • BSE
  • NSE

BSE stands for Bombay Stock Exchange. Bombay stock exchange is the oldest stock exchange in India and in Asia as well. BSE got Government of India's recognition as a stock exchange in 1956 under securities contracts act,1956 .It is spread all over India and is present in 417 towns and cities. Total companies listed in BSE are around 3500. BSE’s online trading system is known as BOLT. BOLT makes trading efficient, saves time and is transparent. Sensex is the index of BSE. Sensex of BSE is composed of 30 financially sound company stocks which are liable to be modified from time to time.

NSE stands for National Stock Exchange. It is the leading most exchange of India in terms of total volume traded. It has presence in over 1500 cities and towns. NSE got recognition as a stock exchange in July 1993 under securities contracts act, 1956.

Nifty or Nifty50 is the index of NSE. It is composed of 50 diversified Indian company stocks. It is constructed on the basis of Market Capitalization Method. NSE is composed of 50 financially sound company stocks which are liable to be modified and updated from time to time.

If New to Stock Market it will be quite useful for investors to know that Indian share market is the reflection of the overall performance of Indian Corporate and is on highs regularly. Indian share market is signaling positive signs to the investors for a robust growth of investment.

Profit and Loss are the two inseparable features of stock market. With the help of technicals you can minimize loss and maximize the profits. There is no magic formula for making money in stock market. Key formula is ‘patience’. Stock market is comparatively safe for those investors capable for waiting. Safest investment vehicles are Bonds and Money market funds because their prices do not change erratically. There are two types of stocks. Preferred stocks and common stocks. Preferred stocks have slightly more risk and common stocks are the riskiest of all.


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