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Like any other stock exchanges, BSE and NSE also publish notices for its brokers, traders and investors. These notices provide vital information about the listed companies at the stock exchange that are crucial for taking investment decisions. From an investor’s point of view these notices are pivotal for determining investment strategies. Here we are presenting some of the most important notices that are significant for the investors.

Annual General Meetings – The annual general meeting is an important event of the company. It is at the annual general meeting where the company management meets the share holders and presents the details of the company. The let the investors know about the financial condition of the company, earning, profits, debts, assets and all other details that give a comprehensive picture about the company to the investors. Apart from that the future plans and strategies of the company and prospects of the company are also presented to the investors during the annual general meeting. It is mandatory for any listed company to hold annual general meeting and stock exchanges notify the investors about the annual general meeting of the listed companies through the notices.

Press Releases – There are so many other information that the stock market shares with the investors. It may be some new rules and regulations coming into effect, or it may about the ACT or norm or it may be about the process of the stock exchange. In all these cases stock exchange authorities issue press release to inform the investors, brokers and all other persons related to the stock exchange.

Stock Splits Information – When the stock of the certain company gets split the details of the split is notified to the investors through the notices issued by the BSE and NSE authorities. Details about the split including the ratio of the split date of effect, value of the stocks all these are announced through the notice so that the investors can determine their strategy accordingly.

Acquisition or sell of stocks – Often there are acquisitions and takeovers of companies by other companies happen in industry. These events have a major impact over the stock prices of the concerned companies. The comprehensive details of these acquisitions, sell offs and takeovers are also notified through the BSE and NSE notices.

Name or Symbol change – Name of a particular stock and the respective symbol of the stock is very important for trading the stock at the stock market. For online trading of the stocks you need to know the symbol of the stock and at least the name of the stock properly. Now the name of the stock and symbol of the stock get changed for different reasons like takeover, merger, acquisitions and split in the company. Through the notices the stock exchange authorities notifies the investors about these changes in the name of the company so that they can do the trading without any hassle.

Delisting Information – From time to time some stocks get de-listed from the stock exchanges. There may be so many reasons for the de-listing of the stocks. There may some problem with the company, the company may be bankrupt, or there may be violation of rules and regularities on part of the company. Sometime some malicious activities on part of the company management are the reason the company gets de-listed. Through the notices the BSE and NSE authorities let the investors know about the de-listed companies so that they can stop investing in that company or think about other related companies and do the needful with the stocks of that company that they are holding.

Suspension of a Stock – At times there are some stocks that gets suspended for trading at the stock market. There may be so many reasons for the suspension like any fraud or irregularities in the company or there may disputes within the company and so on. Through the notices BSE and NSE authorities let the investors know about the suspension of the stocks so that the investors are aware of the fact and take their investment decisions accordingly.


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