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In the present day almost all the people have invested their hard earned money in some investment schemes or other so as to earn a considerable return on their investments. In other words, all that the investor in the present day desires is a considerable amount of liquidity on their investments. As such, they invest their hard earned money in the stock market or in any other investment schemes because by making investments, the investors, can earn maximum liquidity on the amount invested. This is because the investments, especially the investments in the securities of the stock market can be immediately converted into liquid cash as and when the investor requires it. By selling off the securities, the investor can get their hands on the cash that they require. However, when they have sufficient funds on hand they can again invest in these securities. But in order to be able to perform these functions you will require a place and this place is known as the stock exchanges. Thus, in other words, the stock exchanges can be said to be a place where the securities of different companies can be both bought as well as sold. The stock exchanges are the registered bodies which ensures provides you the list of securities in which you can invest. Talking of the stock exchanges it is worth mentioning here that there are a number of stock exchanges all over the world, the most famous being the New York Stock Exchange. In India, as well we have a number of stock exchanges. One such stock exchanges is the NSE, as such it is essential that we learn about the feat of NSE.

Economic development of the country
An investment in the present day has a very important role to play in the economic development of any country. However, before we go further into the discussion about the NSE and its features and functions it is important for us to have a quick overview of the term investments. In the present day, the importance of the investments in the economy of a country as well as in the world economy cannot be overlooked. An investment has a very important role to play in the present day world. So much so that it would not be wrong on our part to say that the entire economy of the country is dependent on these investments of the people. Thus, in other words, the investments of the people play the key role in the economic growth and development of any country. Thus, the more the investments of the people the more growth the economy of the country will register and vice versa.

Not realizing the importance of after investments
In the present day, there are very few people who have not realized the importance of the investments. However, if we go a few years back, we will hardly find people who even knew what an investment is or how much it affected our lives. Nevertheless, today, you will come across very few people who are not aware of the importance of the investments in their lives. Times have changed and in order to keep pace with the changing times it is very important for the people to change accordingly. However, it is always to be kept in mind that not all changes brings about success or prosperity and as such, while adopting to any change it is always to be ensured that it is beneficial for you in the share market. Nevertheless, this in no way implies that changes are bad and are to be avoided. Some changes are also beneficial for us as well. Thus, all said and done, before you either resist or accept changes, it is important that you always analyze the changes at first.

NSE is similar to stock exchange
Now that we have already discussed about the investments, we can now proceed further to the topic NSE. The term NSE here stands for the National Stock Exchange. In reality the NSE is not a stock exchange instead it is a professionally managed national market for shares, bonds, etc. In other words, the functions of the NSE are quite different from that of the other stock exchanges. Thus, now you know all about the NSE as well as the feat of NSE.

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