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Online Trading Or Offline Stock Market Investments Needs To Be Made Diligently

Gone are the days when you must have a stock broker to deal in stocks and make stock market investments. In this age of internet, when everything is going online, stock trading has also gone online. Just like the offline stock trading you can now buy or sell stocks online with just a few clicks of the mouse. There are obviously some advantages and disadvantages of both these form of trading.

Advantages Of Online Trading

Typically online trading requires the investor to pay lower brokerage. So, while you are selling or buying stocks you gain more by paying lower brokerage in comparison with offline trading.

In case of online trading you are trading on the real time. No phone calls and no wait time, you can directly sell or buy stocks in about no time and get the stocks at the price that are showing on your screen.

In case of online trading there is no middle man involved. You need not have a broker to execute your calls, you can do the selling or buying of the stocks yourself.

In case of online stock trading there is no paper work involved, all your stocks are stored at your demat account and you can see them online.

You can deal in different stock exchanges with a single online trading account and you need not have different brokers to trade at different stock markets.

Disadvantages Of Online Trading

The biggest disadvantage of online trading is that you must be online to place your bid and trade in stocks. When you are on move and you get a call for a potentially profitable stock you can not buy that stock at that moment itself.

For those who are otherwise busy all the time it is difficult to manage their portfolio by their own. So, online trading is hardly of any help for them.

Not all the exchanges are online till date, so the online trading options are still limited.

Advantages Of Offline Trading

It is the most trusted and the oldest form of stock trading. With an efficient and trusted broker you can effortlessly manage your portfolio without spending any time for that.
Disadvantage Of Offline Trading

Often times the brokers takes time to execute your instruction for selling or buying the stocks that might incur losses.

Offline trading brokerage is always higher than that of online brokerage.


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