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Do you want to excel in Indian stock market? Then here is platform through which you can learn the tips and tricks of trading in stock market.  This guide will also be helpful for those who have suffered losses due to economic crisis. Nowadays stock market investment are easy than what it used to be before. All thanks to Internet because you can even trade online and keep a market watch.

Basics of Indian Stock Market

Before you proceed further let us understand about the basics of option markets. Option is contract between two parties where they need to buy and sell an asset at fixed rate and fixed date. As the name indicates the buyer is not obliged to carry out any kind of transaction. Option contract is of two types put options and call options. Call option gives the buyer the right to purchase underlying asset while the put option gives the right to sell an underlying asset. You should go for this option if you think that underlying future prices will lower in future. On the other hand with call option which is also known as ‘corn call option’ where you can expect the corn future to move higher.

All participants in options market can purchase and sell options. The one who purchases options is known as holders while the sellers are called writers. Holders have long positions while writers have short positions. Option trading provides a better advantage over other types of investment. These include limited risks, profit in bear market
And leverage in trading.

What are Option Tips?

Option tips are a unique way to reap profits from Indian stock markets. Small investors are yet to find its benefits. This is due to suggested strategies and ways to minimize the risk associated with it. At the same time you will get rewarding return from the capital invested. Let us understand why should you opt for this?

  • Most of the traders opined that it has 85 percent success ratio with some of the accurate results.
  • You can initiated with less capital and get high returns on investments
  • One does not require any personal involvement because all you need to do is to execute the trading procedure with your broker.
  • At the end of the day you get hassle free regular income which is apt for homemakers, retired personals, students and unemployed.
  • SMS for daily trading updates
  • No frequent trading as all of them are positional
  • No need to track market and analyze them
  • No need to read any trading articles
  • Expert recommendations provided by professionals 
  • Online support during market hours
  • Amazing past records

Future and Option Tips

Nowadays traders also go for future and option tips as they an excellent way to trade in future market. This is because instead of straight future contracts the new traders commence business by trading in future options. The risk and volatility associated with is very limited but this is used by professional traders. Before moving further it is important to understand the term option, this is actually not obligation in order to sell or buy future contracts at a fixed price.

As a trader you need to buy options in Indian stock market in order to bet the price of future contract so that one does not go higher or lower in trading purpose. For many share market is a gamble but they might find stock related words jargon. But in reality this is a viable option that can give huge return to investors. In simple words stocks can give you multiple returns than no other investment. All you need to do is invest wisely so that you can reap huge gains from your investment.

There are different types of option tips in stock market investment. As an investor you can either choose delivery or intraday trading. Apart from this you can also trade in with derivate or cash segment. Even in equity trading you get variety of choices. With the advent of Internet online trading can be done at your finger tips just sitting in front of computer. This has become much easier for online investors. The best part is that in case of online trading there is no broker involved as there is no paper work.


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