Paul the octopus has done it again; the stars predict a grand boost for the Indian stock market and the FTSE crash. Has all of it actually happened yet?



A dummies guide to trading may often be besotted by weird and uncanny methodologies which at times defy logic and reason. An “oracle” it may seem when one or two predictions fall into place; but do we honestly feel following something that is not supported by logic is a viable option when it involves your own investments?

There has been many a conspiracy theory featuring the recent favorite, Paul the “oracle” Octopus and many “astrologers” who have somehow managed to hold their own amongst technically trained and certified analysts.

This article is mainly for football fans or world cup fans and for people who would like to keep safe from scams waiting to happen.

Betting in India isn’t legal, but is seen as a major industry in countries like UK wherein many players such as Ladbrokes, Betfred, etc, exist and cater to people looking for some sort of recreation there was a prediction by many people who foresaw the market crash if England failed to progress and win the world’s greatest spectacle. This came in last month.

In the meantime we have Oracle the Octopus who somehow managed to predict the correct winners in each game involving its home country, Germany; not withstanding the fact that many Bavarians are now looking for some good ol’ octopus meat after Germany’s loss to Paul’s predictions! As the world cup final looms, it’s caught people spellbound as they look forward to the eventual winner. Even if the final say by our favorite animal of the sea doesn’t click this time, we’d still bet on its odds as perhaps millions are with betting odds somehow supporting the eight-legged wonder to prevail yet again. We’ll keep our fingers crossed on that one.

Coming back to the stock market crash as discussed previously, the stock market was supposed to crash as reported earlier. Possible reasons for all the negativity were cited as an early England exit in South Africa would result in negative business effects on the alcohol, media, leisure and sportswear industries (as reported by the Telegraph on June 1,2010).

As of today, England has already crashed out of the world, miserably at the hand of the oracle octopus and the FTSE seems to be doing pretty well as of now.

If you’re thinking now of “what’s the point of this read”; it’s actually as straight as simple: predictions based out of speculation, hype, and believing something which defies logic and reasoning can be a risky proposition. The stock market cannot be even remotely associated with betting, the latter being often a source of entertainment for punters as one can easily make money with trading, if done so sensibly by following technical analysis.

Careful and diversified investments are fundamentals of making money when it comes to trading. Using tools such as Dow Theory, Fibonacci method, etc, a technical analyst would aim to consider reading graphs and principles which would not only be charting the historical movement of that particular stock(s) but also decipher the predicting movement.

Even though speculation can be a driver of stock movement, its inconsistency speaks volumes against putting all your trust in any relevant investment.

In India many investors still make their investment decisions after reviewing its astrological implications. We would say for those people to use free advice as given by Paul the octopus! Atleast he’s got 4 out of 4 predictions spot on! Taking decisions out of blind faith by believing in astrology is as good as believing an animal choosing his plate! Don’t miss the bus, trading is like science and not some fictional novel which would always have a happily ever after ending!

The Indian stock market can be your best friend if you trade wisely following a strong technical and functional based research. At ShareTipsInfo, we always aspire to offer our customers the best research available in the country with a keen eye on the Global perspective as well.


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