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Stock markets are always on the move – either up or down. They are never stagnant. But you may not be at a position to forecast which stocks will move and when. To have a detailed understanding of the functioning of the stock market as a whole, it is first necessary to know the Bulls from the Bears. You should make a good study how to double your profits whether the stock market is up or down. As you know that there is some risks in the share market, so you have to choose the best one for you that would minimize your risk.


  1. Research:  You will need to intensely research the stock market and come up with a table of stock items with their prices.
  2. Never listen to street hype. These hypes are half-truths, blatant lies or completely outdated ’facts’. Never rely on them.
  3. Make the move on stocks that show better and faster growth. Zero in on the best few fastest growing stocks. Look out for takeovers and mergers – they are important factors for spectacular stock growth.
  4. Capitalize on shares which you know are doing well, and which the market does not know much about.
  5. This is most important: You need to understand the fact that even when the market is declining, there will be certain companies whose stocks might still be going on an upward trend. Buy those shares! That way, you will make profits even when the market is going down. Similarly, even when the market is going up, there will be certain companies whose stocks might still be going down.  Look out for those shares too.
  6. Never put your hard-earned money on stocks you do not trust fully.
  7. When your stocks are doing well, analyze the right time to increase your investments. Act accordingly.
  8. Look out for an automatic money manager system. This type of system is virtually fool-proof and there is no reserve for human error.
  9. Buy stocks that are doing well in both “Up” and “Down” markets.
  10. Stay connected with the stock market: watch business channels on TV, hire a stock broker, and subscribe to automatic stock updates with your cell phone service provider, read lots of books and browse lots of websites.
  11. Try dealing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs): An ETF is a number of stocks grouped together by their themes and traded as a single stock. ETFs normally pay well if vigilantly handled.
  12. Never panic and sell when the stock market is dwindling. The prices of the stocks will surely recover over a period of time. You just need to have the patience to wait and observe.

The Bulls and the Bears
Bull Market: A bull market is one which has been showing a consistent upward trend over a period of time. It shows the growing confidence that the investors are beginning to have in their stocks. Such a bullish situation virtually guarantees a future stock price increase.
Bear Market: A bear market is one which has been showing a consistent downward trend over a period of time. It happens when investors are vaguely pessimistic about their stock prices and start selling their shares aggressively.
Now, whatever you do, never forget the basic fact that a stock market is never absolutely predictable and may often act in an awkward way and not in the forecasted fashion. Always keep your eyes open!

This little article might have helped you in finding out how to double your profits whether the stock market is up or down. You have to be very careful not to take any haste decisions as this might lead you to invest in the wrong stocks in the market. If you fail to invest in the profitable stocks, then you might have to bear a huge loss that you would have ever imagined. So try to take your best foot forward so that you can get the ultimate profit. Any small mistake that you commit in choosing the wrong stocks would make you bankrupt. So this is the reason people take some good amount of time and wait for the perfect time to invest their money in the stock market.

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