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If you are interested in trading in the stock market and have some questions about how to get started the definitely you are not alone. How to select trades becomes a big question mark for most of us? Trading stocks is an incredibly rewarding journey and hence, everyone is intrigued by this because traders can make huge money. But the potentially extraordinary financial gains are not the satisfying part of trading stocks. The best part is really the endless learning and personal growth that trading naturally generates.

Trading is a most-captivating voyage of discovery. Once you buy stocks, you get interested in the companies and the updates. Your inclination towards business, the market, their competitors and the economy in general increases. So, over the period of time every piece of information and details becomes important for you. This helps you making smarter decisions and grows better to take wise steps in future.

The objecting of selecting trades is to spell out your investment goals; you then proceed to decide on the mechanisms to meet your goals. Making the right choice in selecting the trades is very imperative; picking the good stock is not easy in beginners stock trading. There is no one way to select the trades and you have to use different strategies to understand the trades.

Technical analysis is very essential and it is done by studying the stock charts. Get the chart which indicates the price action, volume, a few indicators, and begin to look for various clues as to where near-term price targets may be. Evaluate to get a clear and better understanding of the current market situations. The chart will be helpful to know the current trends, and patterns. Once you understand charts, this method can be the quickest and easiest path to finding price information for beginners stock trading. It can help you choose entry and exit points, but your decision should not be completely based on these. You have to comprehend the fundamentals of the companies. The key to this analysis is to get an idea for a company's inherent value. It is a simple process, but can take a bit of time. Finding a company's fundamentals involves researching the company's management, industry, and financial statements. The company may expand and operate with solid profits, but if the market conditions are not right the stock can still go south. In a bear market even rock-solid performers can see the value of their stock sliding down. You should always strive to maximize the returns while minimizing the risk.

Now, moving ahead you have to ensure the value of your investments. Growth investing focuses on a company’s future potentials and does not get effected by the current prices. And therefore, growth stock's intrinsic value may be lower than its stock price, but as the company grows, its stock price can be expected to grow along with it. Growth companies are commonly found in industries that are expanding quickly, or dealing in new technologies.

And last strategy which is considered the most reliable and powerful method – CANSLIM; it is an amalgamation of several methods to help in selecting trades. Each letter suggests a different element to research, ultimately giving you a complete list of core factors to weigh.
C - Current quarterly earnings per share should be up more than 18%.
A - Annual earnings per share should show significant growth over the last five years.
N - New products, management, industry conditions, or price highs are important.
S - Shares outstanding should be reasonable.
L - Leaders should be bought over the market laggards.
I - Institutional sponsorship should be present, with good recent performance.
M - Market condition can trump everything, so take note of the overall current direction of the market.

For better trading and continuous gains it is important to combine all the strategies but, before that you have to understand your stocks and pick the suitable one. There is no sure-fire way to pick a winning stock every time, but these methods will help you weed out the vast majority of losers. Try choosing a few stocks using each of the categories above, to see which method works best. Stick to your favorite method, and your trading will improve!


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