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The economy is never static. The economy, be it of a particular country, or of the world as a whole, is always dynamic. It keeps changing every day and every moment. However, the most peculiar thing about these changes is that they can never be correctly predicted. One major reason behind this inability to correctly predict the changes in the share market is that, the changes do not take place in any particular sequence. In other words, the changes that take place in the stock market do not follow any particular sequence and as such, it cannot be assessed correctly. In other words, you should know which the correct time to make a particular decision is. For example, when you are selling your stocks – why and when is the correct time to do so should be known by you. 

Winning and losing
In addition, the changes are very frequent. Today, you might be enjoying your success in the online stock market and the next day itself, you might lose everything. However much you try, there is nothing that can stop these changes from occurring. Just as you cannot stop a sea wave from flowing, similarly you cannot stop these changes as well. Whether you like these changes or not you cannot resists it. You are compelled to accept it, as there is no other way out. As such, if you are planning to invest in the stock market, you have to prepare yourself for these changes. You should know the correct time to make a decision.

Everything is dynamic and this dynamism calls for change.
Today, as you can see everything around you is fast changing, everything is dynamic and this dynamism calls for change. However hard you try, you cannot win against nature. Similar is the case with the stock market too. You cannot win over it; you have to keep pace with it. You have to mould yourself in a way, which will help you get a feel for the changes and as such, help you get accustomed to these changes and thus, help you change accordingly. In other words, going with the flow, as people say, is the best option in the present day. However, the changes are to be taken seriously, because you never know what these changes have in store for your. In fact, when we say that stock market is risky, it is full of risks, etc, we actually refer to these changes. The changes are uncertain and thus called uncertainties. Moreover, it is these uncertainties that bring in the market risks.

It is these risks that keep us going in the stock market?
However, there is nothing to be afraid of. A risk, as we all know is an inevitable part of our lives and as such, we have to live with it. In fact, it cannot be denied that the risks motivate us to take precautions and as such help us make correct decisions We all know that risks and investments go hand in hand and as such, risks are inevitable in the investment sector. Now, if you really want to invest in the stock market and earn profit there from, you have to take some amount of risks. In fact, it can be said without a doubt that profit is the reward or the result of risk taking. As such, the risks should motivate you and not hold you back.

It should be seen as a vehicle that stimulates you to keep going and thus enable you to earn maximum profit. There are generally two reasons as to why people invest in the stock market. The first reason is that people generally invest in the securities of the stock market in order to earn a regular income in the form of returns on their investments. In this case, a person generally invests in the long term securities and thus earns a regular income. The second reason for a person to invest in the stock market is to earn profit. In this case, people invest in the short term securities at the time when prices are low and sell it off when the prices are higher. Thus, selling your stocks – why and when is an important decision

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