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Let us start with a question at the very onset. How many items have we ignored a vital information lying just in front of us and then regretted doing so later on? Well, the answer is of course, a lot of times that is not anything new or strange. Human beings always had the habit of ignoring information which is or which would at some point of life or the other be of great help or importance to us. This, as a matter of fact cannot be termed as out of the normal line of behavior as such incidents are an average thing in all human beings lives. But that is again just a lame excuse. We should always try to know about the various actions going on around the world. Trying do keep one self is up-to-date in fact, a very good exercise. It keeps us away from any kind of embarrassment that we might happen to suffer from if we fail to keep ourselves up-to-date with the affairs going on around the globe. We should also try to find the answers to questions we might not usually come across with in our daily lives like the basics what is short selling?

Mutual funds
The nature and facts about securities like Mutual Funds and the list goes on and on. Finding the answers to such Mutual Funds and the list goes on and on. Finding the answers to such questions can help a person to always stay one step ahead of the other people. Also knowing the answers to such rather unknown or rare question can also help us a lot to crack really difficult and complex interviews where candidates are usually asked really tricky and confusing questions. We should therefore, as it seems to be clear, always try to gain some understanding and knowledge about the various fields and areas that, a person might or might not have to deal with. Like if we are connected to the securities and the prices at which they are being brought and sold of all the time. 
Buying and selling securities in the share market is a very tough job. We need to know at least about the basics of stock market before investing in it. 

Types of securities
There are many securities available in the market. Some of them are shares, bonds, debentures, mutual funds and the list goes on and on. The securities are brought and sold in the stock market every minute in all kinds of ways. Yes, it is thus that securities available in a market may be bought as in the case of the issuer company or the holder of the shares, at any given point of time. As a matter of fact, we need to very careful while investing in the stock market. This is so because the stock market tends to be a very volatile market.

Profits and risks
Profits are the reward for taking risk. And this has been said and proven in theory. We can never earn any kind of profits as if we do not take or accept the risk associated with it. We can never achieve anything in life if we do not take risk. We can manage to win or succeed in life only if we accept the challenges that life has to offer. And taking those challenges involve a huge amount of risk and uncertainty alike. As mentioned earlier profit is the reward or prize for taking a risk. In business, we cannot survive if we do not take risk. A business venture is all about risk taking. It involves uncertainty and the bigger the risk the better is the profits. Risk can also be insurable risk and non- insurable risk. Usually, it is said that a person as a business firm earns profits on the non-insurable risk that he takes. As we already know risk is present in every area. Risk is present hugely in the stock market. Stock trading of shares, bonds, mutual funds and other securities in the stock market can never go on without some person or the other willing to take risk and investing in the securities. So, we need to be known about the working the stock market before investing in it. The basics what is short selling? And the other vital stuff like that has to be understood and kept in mind by us. 


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