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What do we as human beings, value the most? What is it for which we spend all our time working or, in reality slogging in mundane offices or rooms or any other dull place which may or may not hold any place of interest questions is just one and it is our “Life”. We do not value anything more than our lives. We do everything that we do just for our lives to make it a bit more comfortable, a bit better than it usually is and get all the benefits that the world has to offer and not just our lives. We care even for the people around us i.e. our parents, brothers, sisters, friends and all the people whom we love a lot. We care for those people and even care for their lives, sometime and more often usually; more than our own lives. For this reason we would never want to put the people that we love and even our own lives at risk. We always go for safety and security. It is always one of our basic needs after the main three, which are food, clothing & shelter. We would venture into anything, especially if it is new without being sure of our safety and security. Human beings in general, try to avoid risk of any kind. It is because we do not know to how far we will incur our losses if we take any unknown and unclear risk that we are confronted with everyday of our lives. However, investment is risky too, so, you would like to know what is the risk in inherent part of investment?

Risk is inherent in everything
We should learn to deal with in the smartest way that is possible to us. It has been in theory that profits are actually a reward for taking risk. The higher risk that we can take, the higher is the profit that can be ensured you us. Risk is therefore very important and it is required that every venture that we wish to or think about taking up should have some amount of risk in it. If a venture is not risky at all then we can expect little gain from it. Risk is also inherent in any kind of investment that we wish to take up. Investment is the act of putting a person’s hard earned money in a bank, or in the shares, stocks, debentures, and bonds of a company. In mutual funds investment is a very profitable option as it has turned out to be for many. Well, risk will always be related to investments of kind and nature.

Company cases are not rare
Risk is, in reality inherent in securities. We can never be sure if the place or shares, stocks, debentures, and so on are safe and secure places to invest in. the company in which we are investing might actually be a fake one. Of course, that is not the case that is faced by a person everyday but it must also be said that such company cases are also not rare ones, especially in a developing economy where rules, regulations and even procedures can be bit confusing for the people who are investing.

Introduction of new rules and regulations
Investing can also be very risky what with the sudden rise and fall of share prices and the introduction of new rules and regulation which always has an effect on everything and even investors. We always need to know what is the risk in inherent part of investment? Yes, we do. It is outmost vital for every person before he makes and investment in securities that are available in galore in the market that every economy of this world has formed. However, we should also learn not to take risk, which are sure to bring in more losses than profits. Risks should be taken if the chances of making profits are more than that of making losses. Risk should be well judged by the investors. If he wants he can also take advices from people who are knowledgeable about the securities and the risk related to such securities in the stock market.

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