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The stock market is the most unpredictable place where the people invest their hard earned income. The stock market is not always profitable but you might also have to face a heavy loss as well. But the amount of loss can at least be minimized by investing the amount in the correct shares. Again the proper investment can only be done when you have the proper knowledge about the share market. Whenever you start investing in the stock market you become tensed about the investment and therefore search for all the possible ways of gathering information about the stocks. When the stock market is on high it makes the investors feel like Christmas but it is not constant round the clock. There are two types of investors in the share market who invests the cash and try to draw as much return as possible. But the amount returned also varies from time to time. The short interest also varies from one share to another. If you get a very high amount as return one year, you cannot take it for granted that you will be able to draw the same amount the next year as well. So the people are always in quest of the ways on how to use short interest to measure the market.

Maximizing the returns
The investors are always tensed about their investment and they wonder if their investment might provide them with the appropriate returns. The people are also inquest of the ways of maximizing their return as well. Most of the stockholders are startled and hence fall prey to various diseases such as high blood pressure, heart attack and many more. But the stock market runs like a cycle and if one of the investors is tensed or worried about the less return, the next year he might be smiling with the highest return. The stock market policies are very flexible and hence they can change in a second. Again the people who are tensed for the whole year might go to the bank with a great smile. So, in order to minimize the risk, you should keep an eye on your portfolio and act according to it. This might provide you with a little bit of predictability.

Terrorist attack
Whenever the market crashes the investors are worried and they feel it to be the worst one but every time the market crashes there is another to come. During the terrorist attack on U.S. the stock exchange faced a very heavy loss. It is also called as the investors’ nightmare. The confidence number of the various consumers went to the lowest in 20 years and therefore it is considered as the worst of all. This downfall of the market took a long span of time to recover and hence the people were afraid of making any investments.  


Sorting of the stock
The short interest is nothing but the number of shares that are bought and sold by the brokers. The brokers are always in quest of the times when the stock prices are the least. They buy as many shares as possible and sell them at a very higher price. The sorting of the stock is done in this way and therefore the people across the world choose the correct type of stock. The various stock exchanges release their short interest numbers and these numbers are responsible for the rise and fall of the share market. The short selling is done by the people to earn money instantly. This is such a procedure through which can provide you with a huge amount of money at an instant. But the sorting of the stocks should be done very carefully because if the market has a downfall there is a risk of losing all the stocks in no time. So it is not preferred by most of the people but it is undoubtedly the easiest and the fastest way of earning money through the shares. The increase in the short interest determines the rise of the stack market and thus the people are attracted towards it and as a result they invest more and more on the shares. Thus the idea on how to use short interest to measure the market can help you to invest in the market effectively.


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