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Human beings have many needs, wants and desire. These needs, wants and desires grate a strong hold on our minds since we first learn to understand and communicate with the environment around us. Of course it goes without saying that we always, not just tend but also necessarily give importance to our needs. So, what really are our needs? Well for starters our main needs are always food, clothing and shelter. We cannot even imagine our lives without these 3 basic needs. Food is essential for our survival as it provides us with the much-needed nutrients on which the body thrives. Clothing and shelter are just as vital too. Money is a medium of exchange. With the help of money we can buy anything under the sky, at least most of the stuff, if not all. It is the item that we are purchasing that has the real value. Nowadays, however with the world changing drastically and at a very fast pace, naturally money is being spent more on fulfilling our wants and desires than on our needs. Luxury is the name of the grave these days, in the present world. Costly and luxurious items like BMW cars, yatch and so on are things on which people tend to spend their hard earned money more than often these days. However, would it not be much better if we spend that money wisely or in other words invest the money that we would have otherwise been wasted on the other unwanted but desired stuff to satisfy esteem needs. But, now day’s people in the present world usually tend to overlook the real value of money and waste it on things that they rarely need and buy them just for the fun of the moment i.e. they buy things on a whim. so some beneficial this have come up for the people i.e. cheap stock brokerage in nifty options and equity. 
Brokers and sale brokers are permanent and very vital characters in a stock market. They deal with everything that is related to a stock market. 

Role of a sale broker and broker in a stock market is irreversible. Brokers make things much simpler in a stock exchange as the transitions happening in a stock market are usually very complex and a normal person who is not well versed with the workings of the share market can easily be middle up. As such a person can also lose all his hard-earned money in a fake company or a company, which is not listed in a stock market without even realizing he had done so. A broker and sale brokers are therefore very important. Brokers and sub-brokers are of course are bound by certain rules and regulation imposed by the SEBI. In top of that, the brokers and sale brokers also have to be registered by the SEBI.

Doctors are there to advise patients on any illness that they might face, architects offers advice on buildings.

In the same way brokers and sub-brokers can offer advice on securities. Before proceeding further, we should first try to know who exactly are brokers. Well, in truth, brokers and sale brokers are just middle men or intermediaries who act for both in behalf of the company which is selling its shares and securities and the public or the investors who is buying or in other words buying or subscribing to the shares and securities of that particular company. Role of a sale broker and a broker is vital in any transactions relating to bonds, debentures, shares, stocks, mutual funds and other such securities available in the market, broker are people who bring together buyers as well as sellers and assist or help both the parties in coming into negotiation regarding the transaction relating to a particular type of security. So, cheap stock brokerage in nifty options and equity has been introduced in the stock market. 


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