In the nine picks of Navratra we are trying to give the fundamentally strong counters. The trigger that will see the stocks flying are enumerated.

Company is planning to enter west Asian market.
17 new stores are to be opened in FY2010.
Company is in talks with FMCG companies to form a joint venture to distribute its body care products across the country.
Retailer to foray into residential development sector.
20-40% of the land from Prozone (wholly owned subsidiary) will be converted and used for housing development.

2. KS OIL(CMP-Rs70)
FII buying heavily into the counter. Goldman Sach acquired 1.1% stake in KS Oil.
Company to raise Rs 450 crore for overseas investments.
Company is acquiring agri asset in South East Asia.
Total Income is growing at CAGR of 65% and Net Income at CAGR of 23% for last four years.
Growing price of agri product will help increase in margin.

Company to capitalize on rebound in soda ash markets.
Urea and vaccum salt capacity expansion will be next growth drivers.
Availability of RIL`s KG D6 gas reduces the feedstock cost.
Subsidy payments are likely to be paid in cash.
Strong cash flow of Rs 1270 crore is expected which will be utilized to de leverage the balance sheet.

4. Astral Polytechnik:(CMP-Rs128)
Company is first licensee of Noveon, USA to manufacture and market CPVC piping and plumbing system in India.
Crude oil is the major raw material and the sharp fall in the price of crude oil has helped the company increasing the margin.
Recent capacity expansion to add to the top line and bottom line which is expected to be seen in FY10 results.
Govt thrust on agriculture and irrigation will benefit the company.
Company has strong distribution of 200 distributors and 3000 retailers in India.

5. Anant Raj Industries:(CMP-Rs 144)
Company is zero debt company.
It has land bank of 1000 acres in NCR.
Company is sitting on surplus cash of Rs 750 crore.
Planning to raise fund via QIP to fund expansion and utilize opportunity of bottomed real estate market by acquiring land at lower cost.
Plan to invest Rs 450 in land bank.

6. Solar Industries:(CMP-Rs 361)
SIL has three year contract with Coal India for the supply of explosives. The contract is with price variation clause which is beneficial for SIL.
SIL will cater to 18% of the requirement of explosives of Cola India.
The valuation of coal mines comes at around Rs250 crore.
Shortage of coal in India will see increase in the valuation of coal mine asset of the company.
Setting up bulk explosive plant in Nigeria.

7. Ion Exchange:(CMP-Rs 127)
Water crisis looming large company like Ion exchange to benefit.
Leading investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala have bought 5% share in the company.
Its water purifier Zerob is a household name.
Company provides total water management.
Company has expertise of 4 decade in water treatment.

8. Uttam Galva:(CMP-Rs 124)
Company is now co owned by Lakshmi Mittal.
Going to invest Rs 400 crore to enhance capacity.
Also exploring ways for setting second captive power plant.
It is mulling to up the capacity from 600000 tons of steel to 800000 tons of steel.
The 50% of the output will be exported to 40 countries.

9. Texmaco:(CMP-Rs 135)
Company is leader in wagon segment with 25% market share.
Increased expenditure by railway to benefit the company.
It has order back log of 5500 wagons.
Rising demand of commodity has also increased demand for wagon which is currently in short supply.
There is very high entry barrier, so the company margin expected to be intact.


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