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It is already a known fact to all that the stock market is never static and it keeps on fluctuating. As such, the stock market can be said to ever changing. Now many a times we come across people who wish to know the reason behind such a dynamic nature of the stock market. In other words, they wish to know, the reason why does the stock market fluctuate. Or in other words, they wish to know why a market is not static instead of being dynamic; or what the things are or rather the factors that make the stock market dynamic and not static. However, it is to be mentioned here that, this is not the first instance that such a question is being asked nor is it the first time that the people, rather, the investors have noticed that fact that the share market fluctuates. In fact, we would not be entirely wrong in saying this that the question regarding the dynamic characteristics of the stock market, is one of the most commonly as well as frequently asked question, by a number of people in the present day. However, what is here laudable is the fact that people, in the present day, have actually become inquisitive by nature and they are keen on knowing and learning newer as well as different things that are happening in and around them and also about things that have a bearing on them.

Try to face the risks involved
In a way, it is a good thing that the investors have finally realized the importance of gathering knowledge in the world of stock investment and how by acquiring this knowledge the investors can help save themselves from a number of risks. Risk and losses as we all know are inherent factors of the stock market and such one should be prepared to face all the risks boldly and at the same time one should do all that is possible to curtail these risks as far as possible if not avoid it completely. As such, by asking questions regarding the world of investment as well as by enquiring about relevant things one can reduce the risk to a considerable extent. As such, asking questions, however, is one nature of the investors, which must be encouraged because the more the investors know about the world of investment the more will their chances be to make it big in the world of investments; that is, in the investments that they have made in the stock market.

Acquire more knowledge
Acquiring knowledge about the stock market and earning profits in the stock market are two things that are very closely related to each other, in fact, there is a direct relationship between the two. In other words, the more question, a person or rather a stock investor asks, the more knowledge he will gather and as such, more will be his chances of earning profits in the stock market. In addition, it is very important for us to mention here that knowledge that the investor gathers about the world of investment, has a very strong binding on the success of the investors in the stock market. The fact, that acquiring knowledge has an important effect on the outcome of the investment is one of the facts that have been proved time and again in the stock market. It has been seen that the investors who have gathered sufficient knowledge about the investment world, are the ones who actually earn success in the stock market in the end. As such, any one who intends to make an investment in the stock market must, at first acquire sufficient knowledge about the stock market. However, coming back to the point, it is quite fascinating to know the reason behind the occurrence of a number of things in this world and the fluctuation in the stock market was one of the things that made every person wonder why it actually fluctuates. Although a very important question, the answer is very simple. It is already a known fact to all that the stock market consists of a number of securities. By the term securities we are here referring to various stocks, shares, debentures, bonds, etc. Thus, now we know why does the stock market fluctuate.



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