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In this present world there are risk involved in every sector that we flow into be it real or the artificial one. The stock market is a place that will give you an idea as to when the market economy is sliding and when there will be less or comparatively greater demands in the market. The market scenario will provide us with the basic idea of what all is happening in the day to day market scenario. The share market is a place where the investors are always interested to gain out higher dividends and pay returns. In the growing economy like ours the market scenario is always dependent on the work and functioning of the developed economy and any changes in their present scenario can bring in a drastic change in the market scenario of our economy. This market not only provides them with an interface but at the same time will give them the relevant output as to how to come up with demand and actual functioning in the market. For example if a new player enters the market then they need to know as to what are the trends in the market and what the things that is easily available with the market. In a dynamic market like today people are always on the outlook to make the maximum benefit out of any definite trading that they undergo. You should be able to know, “Is it safe for me to predict the stock market?”

Market Scenario
The first step in this regard is to understand the market very well. The stock market always rests in a very dynamic and volatile situation. In this market there are many types of participating factors that cannot be tacked at every moment of time. There are certain situations where we have to move according to the trends prevalent in the market or can in some very rare cases can come up with the own approved and relevant looking plans to make our own success mantras. In this regards the study of the market scenario can help us a lot as they can give us a clear picture of the happening in the near future and also at the same time can give us an idea of the present trends prevent in the market. This knowledge will not only help us grow and survive in the market but also at the same time help us to formulate our own strong investment plans that will not only decide our success ratio but also at the same time make us  a strong player in the coming long run. The investment plan should give the investors an edge over the others and at the same time should also try to have a balance of the money invested.

Risk management
In this present scenario, the factor that holds the maximum value is the risk management of the stocks. In this present market only those players or investors will survive or will be able to make their mark that will be able to build a portfolio with that stocks will least risk and earning the maximum benefits. The idea of risk management be implemented in such a way that the investors in the market will be in a position to ear the maximum benefit with their money spreader out in the different stocks in the market. The money or capital is so invested that they can bring in rich dividends and at the same time they must be such that they be able to gain the maximum momentum in the market. Thus we can summarize that if all these factors mentioned above be taken care of in a systematic and well calculated manner then there is the outmost possibility that we can take care of if not all but some of the calculative risk in the market and this can devise out a plan to understand, “Is it safe for me to predict the stock market?”

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