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Human beings can never live alone. This is a known fact and can never be denied by anyone. We are social animals. We need to live in a society. Can any person ever imagine himself living alone all his life all by himself? The answer, of course is very big no. No human being can do that. Even the prospect of living alone for a few whole makes us afraid. We need to be with our friends and family. We need to be a part of social wants like, meets, weddings, parties and the list goes on and on. Hence, it goes without saying that w e need people around us not just to survive but to live our lives. And, it of course, goes without saying that there is a big difference between surviving and living our lives. Again, we need help from our family, friends and other loved ones to make any decisions with regards to anything that concerns life. Help is provided to us only by the ones who in reality take us to be real and good friends. Of course, that too involves a give and take relationship. We need to and must be with our friends and loved ones when they need us. Only then can we be assured that they will stand us when we need them the most. As it is said, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Do we not ask ourselves questions like who will be with us if we want to start a new business venture? And even who can help you in the stock market? And other such questions. Sometimes, there are people who might, not be our friends or even fall in our known people’s list but they still do help us some of this people are actually required to help us. Helping and advising the people on any related issue is actually included in their job profile and is in reality paid for the help and advises that they provide.

Stock market is a complex place
The stock market is a very complex place. A number of dealings take place in there every moment. It is hence very difficult for a layman to get a hang of where he should invest.
It is very easy for normal people like you and me to get cheated in the share market. Since we are, of course not really adapt or knowledgeable about the workings of the stock market it would be very easy for someone to cheat is investing in a foiling company or much worse loot us off all our money - the money that we had earned through so much hard work and labor. It is hence, always advisable for us to get help from stock market intermediaries like brokers, agents and in some cases even banks. There are many business firms out there in the market, which are totally fake. But these firms have fake documents, which are enough to fool, or cheat people who are not so well versed with the market and its rules and requirements. There are even company’s who although are not listed in the stock market pretend to do so. It is therefore, very important that we take expert advice on the securities that are investing in before taking the leap and being looted off all our money.

Getting the best help
Brokers and agents are people who act as intermediaries between the company issuing securities and the people who are investing in those securities. So, who can help you in the stock market? Who are the people whom you can really trust and assure yourself that they would not even off with your money? Well, it is the brokers and agents who work at the stock exchange itself. Who exactly are these brokers and agents? Well, they are people who act as intermediaries between the issuer company and the investor. However, we cannot and should not trust just any broker or agents that we come across. There are money brokers out there in the market. A real broker must be registered by the SEBI and he is bound by certain rules imposed to him.


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