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If you are new to the stock market you must know that today’s hot stock market is both inviting and intimidating to new investors. Here's how to start an investment portfolio of your own.

When you purchase stock, the word "stress" takes on a whole new meaning as when you reads the morning paper or listens to the radio and finds that his best stock dropped 20 points a share yesterday.

The investor become habitual of reading the business section of the paper first, turning to the stock tables to see how his life is doing, this sets his mood for the day. If his stocks are up, everything is beautiful and off to work he goes with a big smile. He says proudly "I picked that stock!"

But if his stocks are down, we've got Mr. Grumpy for the rest of the day.
it’s all about stock market investing most investors become addicted to the market. It becomes an obsession.


•           Read about the fundamentals of the stocks and the market, attend a seminar or take a class on investing and review online financial sites.
•           Set your goals based on your financial position and a stock-picking strategy.
•           Don't ever buy a stock without first learning about its business and who its competition is. You want to focus on the leaders in an industry.
•           Invest in what you know. Consider the stocks of local companies with which you are familiar and in which you have confidence.
•           Check out the past of the stock that you are going to buy.
•           Invest in more than one or two stock so that lose in one stock can recover from the profit in the another one.
•           Buy stocks that you will feel comfortable holding. Resist the temptation to dump a stock the moment its price drops a few percentage points. Give it a chance.




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