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Stock Market Prices

The stock market prices are influenced by numerous factors. There are few direct as well as indirect factors that influence the price of the stocks. The overall trend of the market, general condition of the nation’s economy, the trend of the industry, the performance of the company and the management decisions are a few factors that directly control the price of the stocks. There are certain indirect contributors as well like the a political or international crisis that often influences the stock prices to a great extent.

The most important aspect for a stock price is the overall trend of the market where the company is listed. If the overall growth of the market is steady the stock prices are sure to rise, whereas there is volatility in the market in general, there is very negligible chance that the price of the stocks will rise. This happens mainly because of the perception of the investors. If there is a volatility in the market, the investors cease to invest in the market. Moreover, if there is a panic in the market regarding some issues, the bulk selling further lower the chance of the market to rise. On the other if the market is steady, the investors are more confident and invest in the market with greater vigor.

The performance of the company is perhaps the greatest contributor to the price of that particular stock. A good profit in the last quarter and a management decision that is like to appreciate the profitability of the company will definitely increase the stock price of that particular stock.

The overall industry trend is also a significant factor that controls the price of the stocks. If there is a downward trend in the industry in general the stocks belonging to that particular industry is more likely to go down. For example if aviation fuel prices rises, it is most likely that the stocks of the airline companies will go down as there is a common perception that the rise in the fuel prices will decrease the profit of the airline companies. So, irrespective of the performance of a particular company the stock prices might go down or go up based on the condition of the industry.

Even if it is not directly related to the stock market, certain news of national and international importance often influence the stock market prices. All said and done, it is always wise for an investor to keep an eye on all the factors that can make or break the prospect of a stock. There is no single or specific factor that controls the stock prices, rather it is an reflection of number of factors that make the stock market prices.


Stock Market Report

For any stock market investor, information is the key and stock market reports are the best source for getting the much needed information. Stock market reports primarily include performance of the stocks. There are so many factors that are included in the stock market reports like the opening price, closing price, highest trade price and the lowest trade price of the stocks. These are the elementary points that are included in the daily reports on the stocks. Other information that you will get from these reports is performance of the stock in the last 52 weeks i.e. the highest and lowest traded price during this period. There are certain factors like the P/E ratio and the average trade volume that help the investors to determine the demand of the stock and its potential in future.

There are some stock market reports as well that discuss about the listed companies. Especially when company is getting listed in the stock market, there is a complete report on the company that eventually help the investors to determine the potential of the company. These reports basically deals with the assets of the company, details about the product, work process, management, and most importantly the profit posting in the past few years. These detailed reports help the investors to have an idea of the financial strength of the company as well as the future prospect of the company in that particular industry.

Another most significant stock market report is the yearly and quarter wise report of the companies. It is mandatory for all the listed companies to publish the quarterly profit report. This report helps the investors to keep track of the assets of a company and the financial standing of the company.

If you are thinking that it will be impossible to get hold of these reports, you are not right. Most of the stock exchanges have their own website and all these reports are regularly published at these websites. You can download these reports from the websites for your reference. It is important that you study these stock market reports in detail before taking any decision for investing in stock market. Remember at stock market it is always better to act than to react. So, be informed and take the investment decisions before it is too late.



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