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The share market is such a place that here we can expect the highest return at the shortest point of time. The share market is basically an online gaming channel where we are always in a position to save our time and effort but at the same are in a position to earn the maximum amount of benefit within a shorter span of time .the share market is like an open game where all are given the chance to excel but are beneficial to those who are good players. The stocks can be broadly and basically divided into many categories as functioning, non functioning, and real stocks. These stocks play a role in the proper upliftment of the economy and at the same time they give us a fair idea. The stock market is a place where the investors are always interested to gain out higher dividends and pay returns. In the growing economy like ours the market scenario is always dependent on the work and functioning of the developed economy and any changes in their present scenario can bring in a drastic change in the market scenario of our economy. 

So in order to understand the functioning of the share market the people at large need to know the factors triggering the increase. People should first of all calculate the response of that particular product in the market. The market is a place where you can find out different individuals with different mindset and the place where there are always a variance of ideas. When we launch a product or concept in the market the primary motto is to earn profit out of it this profit can be anything, it can be in the form of revenue, dividends or any other part as such .the market gives us all things in total. You should know, “When can you invest in the stocks to get good profits?

Online Trading
Here we have to give our self some space to understand as to how the real stock market functions and what are the prime factors that rotate the functioning of the online stock market? We need to understand here that the stocks and the commodities are always on a run in the market and the upturning or downgrading of the market depends on how well we can rotate the price and demand of the commodities in the market in the real long run to come. The real stock market is something that is always on the high end values and includes commodities an investment that actually decides the way of trading in the market. In the market that we are dealing with, we will find a good amount of different commodities. Some of them will be on the higher end and will be capable of giving rich dividends however some of them will be on lower end. The online trading will provide us with a better outlook.

Marketing scenario
In this present trend the marketing scenario is very important. The market is a place where you need to perform and earn your interest and the profit in the market. Here the stock trader should posses not only the initial knowledge of the trade but also at the same time should be able to bring n the maximum dividends within a short trading period. This means the trader in the market should know about the real time as to when the actual selling and buying or selling of a commodity or stock in the market can bring in the maximum amount of profit. The real analysis vested on the trader as this souly depends on him as to when or how he is able to judge the real value of the stock and at the same time will be able to carry out the rich dividends.  Thus through this kind of systematic and evident approach we can find out and at the same time devise ways to bring out the value of, “When can you invest in the stocks to get good profits?

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