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The company performance is always not known publicly and also its not always allow but sometimes studying their balance sheet is also advisable for the investors. This is important to know about the company performance regarding the cash flows, so that the balance sheet can shows the investors whether the company is in a positive side or negative side or whether to log out or still to sustain in the market. The investors much always remain anxious about the price/earning ratio.

There is always a great chance for the investors to invest in the market, when the market is to high For e.g. one of my friend invest in 2007 November, by the time sensex was 21,000, so from that time on 2008 sensex became to decline March, April and so on if he wants to withdraw he have to bear the lost, but who will do that? If he wants to earn he have to wait unless and until the market cross 21,000 points. There is another case if he waits a bit of time and invests after two or three months that will be a bit okay for him. So, before investing market survey is a must that needs to be done. It is also important that you have some knowledge about the nifty as well.

Despite all significant/ insignificant changes, the market will always recover.

To know the company projects is also very important. For instance, by the time when I.T sector has a rapid growth in 2001 if we invest in that sector then expertise believes that our share would have been 200 percent gain by the end of 2005. This time also it is known to believe that the selling out of NANO car by the TATA company will increase the sensex as said by the expertise, which can shows that investing some amount in this company will or can bring a good luck to the investors. Besides there are some other projects launched by different companies, like last year the Reliance Power also launch project of buying thermal power of around 14 since power necessity is too high in every place , this may also attract the investors .

So, to have a deep studying the market and the company performance should be done and keep in mind by the investors. So, you have come to know the tips to time the stock market.


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