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Follow a routine for the trading day for effortless trading

Well before starting of the trading day I get myself prepared for the trading. The step by step preparation not only helps me to comprehend the market better but also fix my trading strategy for that particular day. My preparations begin with the analysis of the day’s trading pattern. When the market closes I start analysis the trading pattern and the movement of the stocks that I have invested in and the stocks that I intend to invest. I analyze the market as well as the selected stocks with the help of the charts and graphical presentations. I often take help from the different websites that provide a detailed analysis of the market that has been.

The technical analysis of the stocks gives me the pattern of movement of the stock in the market for that specific day. With the help of the technical analysis tools and some basic information about the stock we can easily figure out the pattern of the stock movement. Then it is important to find out when in the past this pattern was formed by the stock and that helps to predict the future price movement of the stock. Once the technical analysis of the stocks is done I am ready with the following days trading strategy.

One the day of trading I finally browse through different websites that publish news and analysis of the stock market. I watch out for news and events that can directly or indirectly affect the stock market or any sector specifically. My trading day preparations are not complete until I have read the newspaper and the financial journals that give day to commentary on the stock market and other factors that influence the stock market. Moreover, I have to keep track of the foreign markets that directly or indirectly influence the Indian stock market. Especially the Asian and European markets and the NASDAQ need to be followed carefully as these markets influence the trading in the Indian stock market.

Just before the market starts and the trading hour begins, I log into the trading account and set the buying and selling orders as per the strategy that I have set for that day. Even during the trading hours I keep analyzing the trend of the market and modify the trading pattern according to the trend of the market. This is the typical trading day pattern that I follow and this method has helped me to keep close watch on the market and speculate the market more effectively.

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