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Stock market trading is all about strategy. When the market is behaving the way you have expected you have to stick to your investment strategy and if the market is not moving the way you expected it to be then you have to make the adjustment accordingly. But in both the cases you need to have a comprehensive idea of the market and the market trend and prepare yourself for the trading day. You can afford to start your trading without any preparation as in that case you take investment decisions instantly and those decisions taken in a hurry are hardly good decisions. Therefore it is wise to prepare yourself for the trading day and make a strategy depending on your position and capacity and long term objective.

Veteran traders analysis the market even the market closes. The study the charts and trading pattern of the market after the market closes. It helps them to understand the trend of the market in that particular day that is helpful for speculating the trend of the market in the coming trading day. Likewise you too should carefully take note of the trading pattern and movement of the stocks at the stock market. You have to look for the trading pattern of the market as a whole and for those stocks that you have invested in. You need to take detailed note of the price movement of the open positions. This is let you have a comprehensive idea of how the market is going to act.

Once you have analyzed the market and got all the information that shows how a particular stock have moved during the trading day you need to take help of the technical analysis tools to find out when exactly this type of movement happened in the past. You can then find out from the help of the tool how exactly the stock behaved the following day. So the technical analysis of the stocks should also form a part of your trading day preparations.

After your have prepared yourself well for the coming day you can take a look at the foreign markets – especially the European and Asian markets and the NASDAQ that greatly influences the Indian Stock market. If there is certain trend that is prominent in these foreign markets then it is quite likely to affect the Indian stock market the next day. So you need to prepare yourself with that aspect as well.


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