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Anyone who invests at the stock market wants to make some profit. But in reality some of them make huge fortune from investing in the stocks and most of the investors suffer huge losses at the stocks market. It is true that when you are investing in stocks you can not make profit from every trade that you do at stock market. You have to face loss at the stock market but the trick is make more profitable trade than and outgrow the loss that you have faced at the stock exchange. As a stock trader you have to follow some methods to ensure that you make more profit and your stock trading goals are fulfilled. Here we are presenting a 7 step procedure to ensure profitable stock trading.

Have an investment strategy – You need to draw your investment strategy based on your fund, investment objectives and ability to take risk. Consider all these factors to decide what should be your stock market strategy and most importantly you need to stick to that strategy when you are investing.

Evenly distribute your portfolio – It is always wise to have different stocks from different categories and sectors in your portfolio. That will minimize the risk and give you more flexibility in trading.

Choose stocks diligently – Always choose the stocks of those companies that are fundamentally strong. Find those companies with low debt, history of consistent earnings and low P/E ratio.

Select the right time to invest – Even if the stock is fundamentally strong and all set to appreciate in the future do not invest in them if the stock has crossed suitable price level for investment. Therefore you need to do the technical analysis of the stocks to find out the appropriate price level for buying that stock.

Grab every opportunity – Everyday there are new opportunities are opening up at the stock market for the investors. You have to keep your eyes open and keep close watch on the stock market to make sure that you can benefit from every scope.

Be flexible – Be flexible in your investment decisions. Go by the numbers and analysis and not by your emotions. You should be able to tweak your decisions according to the need of the time and trend of the market.

Don’t be a copycat – Do not copy others. Do not investment in stocks simply because some other is doing that. Have faith in your ability to find the good stocks and stick to your strategic investment plans.

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