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There are so many people around us who spend days thinking about investing in the stock market. Their trading intentions are enormous but they love to spend time contemplating different trading strategies instead of going ahead and making some investment. They keep close watch on the movement of the stock market index and take note of the details of the stocks and do all the research and analysis but dread to make the investment. In fact there are so many people who have been doing paper trading for years but haven’t yet made the first trading.

In reality there is a huge difference between trading intentions and trading actions. When through the paper trading you are trying to see how good is your speculation? even then you can not realize how it feels to earn or loose real money. This is the basic difference between trading intentions and trading actions is that you need not invest your money for intentions and you do not run the risk of loosing that money. So you can not really learn the tricks of the trade unless you put your money in the stock market. Once you invest in the market you will definitely learn the fine points of stock market trading and you will be lot more cautious.

Once you start investing in the market, you gradually learn that there are so many things that are not written even in the best books that are written for investing in the stock market. You have to learn the tricks of the trade in the hard way and being in the trade itself. There is no other way in which you can learn how to pick the rights, how to decide which stock market tip to listen to and which one to discard, how to minimize the risk and how to reduce the loss and increase the profit.

Lastly you trading intentions can vary from your trading actions. This happens when the market is not behaving in the way you expected it to. This is the situation when your trading actions can not follow the trading intentions as you have to make adjustment to your trading pattern depending on the condition of the market. But even then these changes and last minute modifications to your trading strategies are essential to cope up with the market trend. This is not only essential to reduce the loss during the turmoil at the market but also sign of diligent trading decisions.

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