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There are certain rules and regulations in every one’s lives, which we are all compelled to follow whatever, may be the case be. Wherever we go be it in our home or in our place of work or in colleges, etc we always have certain rules and regulations that we need to follow. Following these rules and regulations helps, us make things easier and systematic and at the same time it makes it possible to bring about certain amount of discipline into our lives. Similar is the case in respect of the stock markets as well. That is in other words; in the share market also we have been imposed with certain rules and regulations, which we need to follow. These rules and regulations imposed upon the investors, that is, in other words the rules and regulations that we all need to follow in the stock market are known as the stock market trading rules.

There is a strong tendency in the people to resist the rules and regulations that are imposed upon them for their own benefit; and thus lead their life the way they want it to be
However, this should not be the case, as every rule and regulation that is imposed upon us has a reason behind its imposition. However still, if you have noticed carefully you will see that usually the very first reaction that we get when rules and regulations are imposed upon people is resistance and resentment. This is a basic characteristic of the human beings, who tend to resist any changes or rules and regulations that are imposed upon them. They never try to find the reason behind such an act. There is a reason behind every rule and every regulation imposed upon the people but the people tend to overlook them.

It is very certain that you must never tried to find out the reason behind the imposition of these rules and regulations in the stock market and their affects in the lives of the investors:
This is mainly because of the fact that we, the human beings do not like being imposed with rules and regulations and very often view them as restrictions that are imposed on us. In fact, many a times it is seen that people tend to break the rules and regulations imposed upon them. This is again due to the reason that people in the present day, desire freedom and independence. They like to lead their lives on their own terms and as such do not like to be chained by some rules and regulations. Freedom is all that they wish for and as such, they are completely against these rules and regulations. Nevertheless, what these people in the present day fail to realize is that these rules and regulations are imposed upon us for our own benefits. These are not hindrances to our freedom instead, these are the ways in which we can bring discipline in to our lives and thus enhance our lives to a great extent.

The world economy, as a whole is gradually trying to recover from the big blow or rather economic set back and as such, the rules are becoming more stringent with every passing day.
However, of late, it has been seen in the world economy that it more or less recovering from the big blow or rather economic set back and is now trying to be back in action. As such, the more prudent and sly investors have quickly grasped in this opportunity and are thus found investing their cash in the stock market in leaps and bounds. As such, from this advancement it can well be assumed that the time is not very far when the stock market, rather the world economy, as a whole will recover from this set back and do brisk business as it used to do earlier. Nevertheless, after this set back, all the investors should realize their shortcomings and thus rectify them at the earliest. If they wish to earn profits and avoid losses, it is advisable they start by acquiring all the knowledge that is essential in the stock market and at the same time adhere to the stock market trading rules



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